The Ultimate List of Questions to Ask Your Psychic

Whether it’s your very first reading, or you are a pro at getting readings and know all the best psychics out there, success favors the prepared mind, as they say. Even if your psychic reader is amazing and extremely experienced, you can make your reading more on target, efficient, and fruitful if you take some time to prepare beforehand.

Making a list of questions is part of setting a strong intention before your reading – which helps bring clarity, create direction, keep you focused, and create even more meaning around the special time that you are going to set aside for your reading. The more care you put into your preparation, the better your reading will be.

While there are general questions to ask a psychic – especially if you’re getting a “general” reading about your life and future – you can also be highly specific and concentrate on one life area or situation. It really depends on what you’re seeking to get out of your psychic reading session.

Sample questions to ask a psychic

It could really help you to have sample questions in front of you, so you could take it from there – tweak the questions to fit your life, the situation you’re in, and what you want your psychic to tune into and intuit about.

But before we offer example questions to ask a psychic, let’s review the basics of asking questions, i.e. types of questions and how to ask or how not to ask them. Veteran psychics and mediums say that yes/no questions really limit the answers the psychic can provide – that there can be nuances to the answer, and fifty shades of in-between answers, yet because the question is asked in a limiting black or white fashion, the answer is rarely thoroughly satisfactory. So, avoid asking strict yes/no questions, and instead be more flexible and open with the way you’re asking your questions and expecting answers.

Open-ended questions provide the psychic with the opportunity to give you details, the most likely outcome, comparisons if relevant, step-by-step guidance, specific advice, examples, and more. Questions that start with “what can you tell me about…” or “what are the possible outcomes given…” will give your psychic the ability to tune into a bigger “psychic field” and gather more information and insights for you.

Let’s say you asked an open-ended question and didn’t get the answer you wanted. Try not to ask the same question in different forms over and over again, to push the psychic to tell you what you want to hear. Your psychic reader is there to genuinely help you, and sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, or as you want it to go.

Here are several sample questions you can ask your psychic:

  • What can you tell me about my soul purpose?
  • How can I improve my career and finances?
  • How can I better align my life with my deeper desires?
  • What can you tell me about my spiritual life?
  • What can you tell me about where I live? (versus where you want to move)
  • What can you tell me about my pets?
  • What can you tell me about my friendships and social circle?

There are countless questions you can ask, really. So, before we get lost in a sea of questions, let’s focus on the most important ones – “most important” as in the types of questions people ask their psychics the most. Let’s start with love, as love tends to be a popular area of exploration in psychic readings.

what to ask your love psychic?

Questions to ask a psychic about love

  • How can I improve my love life?
  • What can you tell me about my romantic relationship?
  • How can I meet new, eligible people I can date?
  • What can you tell me about the future of the relationship I’m in?
  • Why have I not found love yet?
  • How can my partner better get along with my family?
  • What will my life be like in (X number of) months/years if I stay with the person I’m with right now?

You see, none of the questions are strict yes/no questions, and they don’t limit what your psychic can tell you. While “is he the one?” can seem like a strong question, the answer is a mere yes or no, and doesn’t allow for nuanced answers such as, “he is the one only if you both agree to work on this and this…” or “you need to go through this with him now to find the one afterwards.” Life is rarely as simple as yes or no – with so many possible outcomes, why limit yourself?

Same is true for other life areas, such as your career, friends, health, and family. Below are some sample questions you can ask about your family – notice how they follow the same open-ended pattern.

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Questions to ask a psychic about family

  • How can I develop a better, deeper relationship with my children?
  • How can I develop a better, deeper relationship with my in-laws?
  • How should I handle the current family crisis/situation?
  • How can I avoid divorce and make my relationship work?
  • How does our family home and/or town we live in contribute to our family’s wellbeing or non-wellbeing?
  • How can we, as a family, become more connected and united? What’s keeping us where we are?

One more time, the questions are open-ended. They are also positively framed, meaning, the goal isn’t to blame someone or talk bad about people. The goal is to find ways to improve the situation or to get out of a bad situation by finding solutions. The focus isn’t on the problem, but on the possible solutions. The idea is to make better outcomes possible through your psychic’s insights and your actions.

The list of questions to ask a medium could be very similar to the questions above, but might also include questions about loved ones who passed on. A good medium can tell you about your deceased relative, lover, or pet, and can help you connect with them and pass messages on. You can ask your deceased loved ones for advice, the same way you would ask a psychic.

All of the above are deep questions to ask a psychic, and so they require preparation. Take some time to calm down and center, especially if you had a hectic day or if you live in a big town or city. You could be in the park, at home, or even at a shopping mall, but what matters is that you’re calm. Take a few deep breaths, and feel your feet against the floor. This helps ground your energy and connect with the earth.

You can also press one nail into another finger, gently but until you awaken feeling in your hands, which will help you to ground down and connect with your body. You can touch your arms and legs with the palms of your hands, like cupping, to bring feeling back to the body – it’s because when we’re too much in the mind, our energy tends to go upward to the head, and out of the body.

Another way to connect with your body is to take a walk feeling the ground under you. Better if you take your shoes on, if the terrain allows for that. You can also just move or shake your legs and arms. Once you feel more connected to earth and to your own body, feel into your heart – what types of questions does your heart want to ask?

Sometimes the heart knows from the very beginning what it wants to ask. Other times, you might need to take a few minutes and even write the questions down and see how they feel when you read them. It all depends on how you’re feeling at that particular moment.

questions to ask a psychic

When you don’t know what to ask

If you’re at a big, life-changing crossroads, or things are so overwhelming that you can’t really calm down, center or write questions, let your psychic know that this is the situation. Find a good, experienced psychic who’s been there, done that, seen it all, so he or she can be there for you, and know what to look for in your reading.

When you work with a top-rated veteran psychic, chances are you’re in great hands and they will automatically know what types of questions or life areas to explore. So it’s totally okay if you don’t know where to begin, or what to ask. You can also request a general reading and let your psychic take the lead.

If the situation is emotionally very difficult for you, you can let your psychic know that as well. Not everything is easy to talk about. Pick psychic chat if this is the case, as typing is easier than voicing deep emotions. Also, you can save the chat transcript and can look at it at later times when you can review the psychic advice when you’re in a better mood.

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