The Best Online Psychics Who Accept PayPal

In a world where almost everything is possible online, you would think that there’d be more live psychics who accept PayPal – which is an extremely widespread online and mobile payment method in most countries.

There are a few steps to finding the right psychic online who also happens to accept your preferred payment method. To get a psychic reading by Paypal, start by finding an online psychic readings platform that accepts various payment methods such as credit and debit cards as well as PayPal – the more methods they accept, the better, because it means they are well connected as a business and that they have credibility in the eyes of payment and financial providers.

Our partner Kasamba accepts PayPal for ALL psychics – in fact, any psychic who’s on Kasamba (and there are thousands) has to accept PayPal. Kasamba charges your PayPal – and not the individual psychic. That way, if anything happens or you have questions, you can directly contact customer service. With Kasamba you can stop googling “online psychic PayPal” or “psychic PayPal.”

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First things first: Type of Psychic Reading

Now that you know Kasamba allows you to use PayPal to pay for a reading with any and every psychic, what you want to do is decide what type of a reading you want. Are you interested in getting your yes/no questions answered quickly or getting a detailed, thorough reading with predictions for the future?

There are many divinatory methods – the best known include cartomancy (cards, Angel cards, Tarot card readings), pendulum (for yes/no questions), rune casting, crystal ball, chakra and aura readings, and of course, astrology – Western, Vedic, and Chinese.

There are also specialties – most psychics focus on particular life areas. Mediums connect with the Beyond and our deceased loved ones to help us get closure or hear from our loved ones. Pet psychics help us understand our psychics better – whether living or deceased. Love psychics focus on love and relationships, career psychics focus on our financial and employment choices. Most astrologers, on the other hand, can explore any life area you would like to focus on as the client.

Astrologers can do love compatibility readings by looking at your natal chart and that of your lover’s, and compare those to your charts today – to see whether where you each are in life is compatible with each other, as well as your goals for the future and life choices.


Paying with PayPal

With Kasamba, you can get any and all the above-mentioned readings from any psychic of your choice, whether through live chat, phone, or even email, via your preferred payment method – in this case, PayPal.

For many people, PayPal is awesome to use because they already have funds in their PayPal accounts and it’s just click, click, and done. It costs money to transfer existing PayPal funds to one’s bank account, but it doesn’t cost money to use it online in other places. Kasamba is one such place.

PayPal is also convenient because it doesn’t matter if your funds are in Euros or Dollars or in any other currency – PayPal converts your currency to the one you want to use online instantly. Prices are in U.S. Dollars on Kasamba – with PayPal, you can easily choose your amount and ta-da, it’s converted.

Kasamba has many security measures in place, so does PayPal. While there are no absolute guarantees on the web, platforms that use the latest data privacy and protection technologies are generally reliable.

Another reason many people feel safe paying with PayPal is because they know they have a certain amount of funds and they can stick to it. Others like the convenience – you can use your existing funds and you can also, upon your specific authorization, connect your PayPal to your chosen credit card.

Both for those on a budget and those not, PayPal is a great way to make payments, including for the psychic reading you’ve been looking for.


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Live chat, Phone or Email Reading?

Now that you know you found a platform that accepts PayPal and has thousands of psychics that give readings in all categories through countless divinatory methods, it’s time you decide how you’d like to receive your reading – via live chat, phone call, or email.

Today most people prefer live chat because it’s the most convenient method – you see what your psychics as they type it, letter by letter. You can access psychics anytime and anywhere, even during your commute to work, on the train, on the bus, or even after having arrived at the office – no one knows you’re talking to a psychic. Some people prefer phone calls because they want to be able to talk to someone – but for this you need to make sure no one can hear you, unless you don’t mind.

Email readings tend to be longer – a big chunk of info or detailed response to one big question. They tend to have a set price which is why some people prefer them over other types of readings. The downside is, it’s not interactive and you can’t continue to ask your questions to explore an issue deeper.

If money is a concern, you can limit your chat reading to a certain number of minutes. Add a specific amount of credit to your account and once you reach that limit, the system will let you know. You can then decide to continue the reading or not. On Kasamba, you have complete control over your chat minutes and money.

One main reason chat reading is the most popular is because Kasamba gives you three free minutes with each psychic who’s new to you, so you can get to know them. Three minutes is enough to get a sense of the psychic and how they do their readings. You can begin to ask your questions and see if you like the way they answer.

Today, on the internet the possibilities are endless. So don’t limit yourself to platforms that use only a specific form of payment. If you want to pay with PayPal, you should be able to do so!

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