Finding an instantly available and trusted psychic reader – whether it’s for a long, detailed reading or for short yes/no questions – isn’t always easy unless you come from a long lineage of psychics and you can just go to your aunt or grandmother! Or unless you have psychic friends. Most of us don’t have such a privilege, and so we need to take the time and make the effort to look for a trusted, intuitive professional.

One would assume that the best way to go about it is to get personal recommendations from friends, family or acquaintances – but even then, it doesn’t mean that the psychic will be available right away, or exactly when and where you need them. If your inquiry isn’t urgent, or if you don’t mind waiting, then it makes sense to make an appointment with a local psychic, especially if they are recommended to you by people you know and trust.

But if you don’t want to wait, because you’re at a crucial and possibly life-changing crossroads, or because waiting is emotionally taxing, then you need better alternatives.


Online and Offline Resources to “Find a Psychic Near Me”

You could go to online search engines and look up “psychics near me” or “psychic readings near me” and see if such engines, which can pinpoint your whereabouts thanks to today’s high-tech, can help. If you find a local psychic, google their name in full. Go through everything that comes up – if they have a Facebook page for their business, by all means, click on it and see how they interact with people. See what people say about them – see if they even allow people to post on their page. Also, pay attention to the posts they share: do they write their own posts, sharing their own psychic wisdom, or do they just click ‘share’ and share the work of other psychics?

Do all this to make sure they are not a scammer. Plus, check out the pictures they have posted. Are they real? Notice if there are pictures taken at their workplace, and with other people. If their address is listed, you can use Map apps, or Waze, to see where they are located.

A better – and faster – way to locate genuine and available psychics near you is checking local, nationwide or global psychic or spiritual organizations. They may have a database with names and addresses. If you live in a small city, there might not be anyone near you – but there might be good psychics in a drivable distance. If you know of psychic or even spiritual organizations, drop by in person and find out if they can recommend someone.

Access a live psychic now

If looking up “psychic near me” doesn’t provide good options

If all this sounds like it’d be too time-consuming, you’re right. If you already have a good psychic near where you live, you’re lucky, as for the rest of us this isn’t the case. You might have seen local $5/reading psychic shops come and go – this happens because psychic scammers come and go, as they have to move from one city to the next, in an effort to avoid responsibility and sometimes even the law.

One way to avoid all this hassle – both having to look for a local psychic and making sure they are genuine – is to change the way you’re looking at this issue. There are other options that are just as good, or even better than, the local reading you’re looking for.

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Online Psychic Support When and Where You Need it

Never gotten an online psychic reading? Does the idea of getting a successful reading from someone who can’t even see you or hear your voice seem too out-there? Truth is, millions of people from around the world would probably disagree – last we checked online and mobile psychic platforms had thousands of online psychics from all corners of the world, and millions of members. It’s so big,and so cool.

The thing with online and mobile psychic readings is that there are so many psychics available all the time. So even if it’s the middle of the night in your time zone, somewhere on the planet it’s morning or afternoon, and the people in those times zones are awake and working!

Even if you have a local psychic, that person has working hours, say from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. What if you need a reading at 7 pm on a Tuesday, right after work, because you had an unexpected meeting with your boss, and now you want to know what will happen. Or, you need a reading before your date on Saturday? With an online psychic website, you have access to psychics all the time and the all-time best psychics.

Other Advantages of Online Readings

Having so many psychics at your fingertips gives you many other benefits. For example, many good psychic websites allow clients to rate and review psychics after a reading. Even better if the reviews are unedited. That way, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of the psychic, or if you don’t have recommendations from people you know – if a psychic has been rated by hundreds or even thousands of clients, it’s good information.

What’s the psychic’s rating? 5 stars or 1 star? Or maybe something in between. What do people write about him or her? It’s like buying shoes online – if you’ve never done it, it could seem like a crazy idea. But once you know the good websites – which also offer reviews on sizing and quality etc. – then it’s a fun and rewarding experience.

Having access to so many psychics gives you a chance to explore different psychic methods, as well. Never gotten a rune casting reading? Never had an Angel cards reading? There’s so much to discover! A good psychic website or app provides you with psychic categories such as Tarot, Astrology (Western & Vedic), cartomancy, crystal ball, rune casting, pendulum, and more. You’re not confined to any one psychic or their method – you can access so much wisdom so easily. You can also choose the type of reading you want — love reading, career reading, family reading, spiritual reading etc.

Try Different Readings with Online Psychics

But how does an online reading even work?

Actually, it works even better than a face-to-face reading because the psychic can’t look at you, your clothes, the way you talk and behave, to be able to infer things about you. They don’t know what you look like – you could be any height, weight, color. You could have green hair with a lot of piercings, or you could be the classic-chic type. There’s no way they’d know a thing about you. Which means, the readings have to be 100% intuitive and real.

Online readings take place via real-time chat. What’s really cool is that you get to save the chat transcripts – meaning, you can always go back and review what you asked and how your psychic responded. In a face-to-face reading, this isn’t the case – unless you have permission to record the whole thing on video, which is rare.  When in person, the psychic can ask questions and based on your answers, they can play “psychic mind tricks,” i.e. tell you the most likely outcome based on the answers you gave, and not based on their actual intuition.

Online readings prevent all this from happening. The psychic has to rely on his or her psychic methods and intuition alone. They might ask questions, but because you’re typing, you can always monitor what you’re saying. Most likely though, you don’t even have to worry, especially if you’re on a reputable website, only because such websites ensure transparency by giving clients the option to rate & review all psychics after their reading.


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Going Local – Online!

Many websites offer language options. In the West, the most popular languages are English and Spanish, given the number of people who speak these languages. Kasamba, for example, has both English and Spanish speaking psychics on the site and the mobile app.  Pick a psychic who speaks your preferred language for a successful, worthwhile psychic reading experience.

How to Choose an Online Psychic

You made up your mind and now you’re ready. But where do you begin? It’s much easier to find a great online psychic than a psychic near you where you live. Here is a list of things you should look for in your psychic website:

  • The ability to sort psychics based on their rating
  • The option to pick your preferred psychic method (astrology, Tarot etc.)
  • Real customer service reps
  • Unedited client ratings and reviews

That’s it. That’s all you need.

Some websites go even further and give you free minutes with psychics. So, if you’re still not sure, free minutes will give you the opportunity to get to know a psychic, and to begin to ask questions. You continue on to a paid session only if you’re happy with the interaction you had during your free minutes. No questions asked.

So, you see, there’s really no need to look for a psychic who happens to live where you live. You could be at home in your PJs, on your way to work, or even traveling for weeks – with online psychics, you always have a psychic by your side. And if you really like a particular online psychic, you can consult them again and again – or you can try different ones. It’s really up to you. Here are more tips for finding the best online psychic. Enjoy!

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