Your body is telling you so much – are you listening?

Your body is the visible part of your eternal soul – each and every part, all of it – it changes and shifts and gets more intelligent with every breath you take in this life on Earth. It learns. It takes information from the environment, from the soul-plane, and more importantly from its own interior. This article is about the latter.

In her book The Body Never Lies, author and renowned psychologist Alice Miller says the body remembers everything – from how you experienced your birth to every single thing that happened when you were a baby, a child, a teenager, a young adult, an adult. Some scientists call this “cellular memory” – the fact that our cells have consciousness, that just like our brain, that they can have short and long-term memory. Our organs remember, as well as our bones and tissues and even skin. Nothing gets lost.

Body focusing is going to help you to be healthier and stronger, but it will also help you to be more tuned in, more open to nature and your soul purpose. It can give you the information you need to figure out why you feel down or depressed sometimes – a trauma from your babyhood might still be in your system, including parental abuse, poverty, an accident you had, an illness, or even an operation that “went well.” Your psyche might have experienced any one of these as trauma and your body recorded it.


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What your body needs, first and foremost, is your direct benign attention. Many of us, thanks to unattainable beauty standards set by the advertising gods, try to force our bodies into unbreathing, rigid shapes. We treat our bodies as a thing, instead of the intelligent living consciousness they each are. We put our minds first, not realizing the body might contain more information than the voice in our head.

Direct benign attention means showing radical acceptance – including those areas the society tells you aren’t “perfect.” Your body is your soul’s visibly manifested part – in trying to force it into new shapes, we’re trying to shapeshift our souls, and this isn’t happening out of love. It’s happening out of lack of self-acceptance and an insatiable need for outside approval.

So, how to listen to your body?

Your body is talking pretty much all the time – and this body talk is not like the mind chatter in your head. It’s smart all the time, very clear, sending body messages and soul messages, and even psychic messages about itself, others, and the environment around. It tells you your deepest soul secrets, your wants and desires, and what you need to work on to create the realities you want. It even gives you information from your past lives.

To connect with your body isn’t that difficult. It might feel difficult in the beginning because you might not even know even where to start and so it may seem daunting. The very first thing to do to connect with your body is to move – this can mean exercise, yoga, just walking, or even turning on some music you like and dancing to it with no one else around. Less you move the body, the more you lose connection with it.

Movement doesn’t mean you have to sign up at a gym and do things you hate. Movement needs to be pleasurable – so try different things to find out what you like. Maybe all you want is a few stretches in the morning and nothing more. That’s fine. Or maybe you already love to move – so just begin to do it consciously from now on. Pay attention to how you feel as you move.

Feeling your feet strongly planted on the ground is another way to begin to connect with and feel your body. To do this, have your feet shoulder-width apart, press them firmly on the ground, bend your knees just slightly – make sure not to lock them – and as you breathe in, imagine energy coming from the ground to you, and as you breathe out, imagine returning the energy back to earth. Connecting with earth through your body is a life-changing experience when done regularly and consistently.

Another awesome way to do so is to turn on some African zulu drum music and dance to it. The vibrations activate the legs and feet like no other music. Just try it and you’ll see. It’s a wonderful first chakra exercise – and any first chakra exercise would help you to connect with your body.

Other first chakra exercises include martial arts, getting massages (preferably Swedish, and not deep tissue), standing poses in yoga, taking long baths, working on your traumas from babyhood, your relationship with your childhood mother (or primary caregiver) – this doesn’t mean working on your relationship with them right now. It means working on how you internalized that relationship when you were a baby or a child. This you can do with a therapist, coach, or counselor.


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A super fun exercise

Another way to connect with your body is to draw your body – simply take a large piece of paper and colored pencils. The idea isn’t to create a masterpiece. In fact, don’t worry about your art sskills at all. The idea is to create a representation of your body – you might end up drawing just lines – maybe broken lines, maybe wavy ones, or very solid ones that have no flexibility. Maybe you experience your body as circles. Maybe you don’t feel your legs. This drawing is intuition based – don’t think it.

Take the pencils, set aside some time, and just let your hand draw your body the way it feels right. You can even have a “body journal” where you can draw your body once a week or so. It’s super interesting to look at drawings from the past and see how you felt. As you draw and draw over many weeks and months, you’ll see how you feel more connected to your body, and this will happen naturally, not by force.

On that note, it’s important not to try to force a connection with your body. You want to be gentle. You want to take your time. You want your body to know you are not there to force it into something else – yet again. It needs to know you have every intention to become friends now.


If you have the time, you might also want to do some reading on the subject. Not so much googling, but actually ordering a book on the subject. If you’re suffering from ailments, Lisa Bourbeu’s Listen to your body: It’s telling you to love yourself is an excellent book to explore. It lists all the diseases and ailments, and what they might mean as a message from your soul.

It’s a wonderful resource book but sometimes our issues are very personalized – if you feel like you have some unique experiences or conditions, you can talk to a psychic advisor to connect with your soul. Just make sure you feel comfortable with the psychic you choose.

There might also be some good blogs on the issue. Or Facebook groups. While these might be more lightweight and not so deep as what you’d find in books written by experts, they might still provide you with ideas and easily practicable tips in your everyday life.


Before we conclude this article, it’s very important that we mention addictions are a way for the psyche to look for connections. When someone is addicted to something – cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, shopping, eating etc. – more often than not, it’s the person’s way of looking for a consistent relationship. Addictions blur your connection to your body – it becomes very difficult to hear the body’s messages.

Have compassion for yourself. Addictions happen. They can happen to anyone. And they can also go away just as they happen. They can be replaced. You might need professional help if you have a serious addiction – and that’s beyond what we can cover in this article. Seek certified, qualified help if you feel that this is you.

As you let go of such addictions, focus on reconnecting with your body. It is still your friend. It will always be your friend, regardless of what it went through. It is there to work with you – don’t fight with diseases or ailments; listen to them instead. Listen to the information they contain.

Here’s to a healthy, beautiful future!

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