The Psychic Energy of Emotions: What You Need to Know

Everything in life is energy – from all things visible to invisible, audible and inaudible, every single thing including even inanimate objects such as chairs and desks vibrates with a specific unique energy. But chair’s vibrational range is narrow – it vibrates with the same frequency every day, whereas living beings have a wider range of vibration.

We vibrate differently every day, every hour, and sometimes we change from minute to minute, and sometimes within seconds. Different environments affect us in different ways, and different people influence us differently, too.

All that being said, we also have some overarching energy characteristics that stay with us all our lives. Our emotional energy might be intense, shaky, chill, cold or even kind of dead. Sometimes we’re just feeling another person’s energy automatically – we know we can get along with them or not – sometimes as part of the first impression we get.

Feeling someone’s energy from a distance is also possible, without knowing them, or without even being in the same room with them. Psychics do it all the time in psychic energy readings. For example, did you know that deep active irritation feels like a porcupine is occupying the aura? You can’t touch the person in that moment – they are dishing it out.

Another example is sadness. Instead of a porcupine-like energy that goes outward and keeps others away, sadness is an energy that moves inward and causes heaviness in the chest. So, how can you learn to recognize these energies in other people? Are there psychic energy abilities that can help you to discern what’s going on with each person?

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Emotions 101

To be able to speak the language of psychic emotions, you need to speak the language of emotions first. The first question would be, how strongly are you able to allow yourself to feel each and every emotion, including the difficult ones? How’s your relationship with anger, jealousy, hatred, sadness, grief, lust, rage and all that?

The degree to which you’re at peace with these difficult emotions is the degree you’re fluent in the language emotions. What do we mean by this? Let’s say something happened, someone said something and you got very angry. You’re triggered beyond what you expected. You’re fuming. What do you do? Do you feel shame because you are not supposed to get so angry? Do you lash out? Do you break a few things around the house? Do you suppress it with alcohol or drugs? What do you do with the explosive energy of your anger?

Or, say you saw a person driving a car you’ve been wanting since the day you got behind the wheel three decades ago. It’s your dream car. It’s so awesome and it should be yours. And now you see someone else driving it, and they don’t even look like they deserve it. Or they don’t look like they care or appreciate what they have. You feel envy. Maybe resentment. What do you do with it? You just move on and continue your day?

The thing is, most of us don’t take a few minutes to listen to what our emotions are saying. Our hatred can sing. Our envy can write poems. Our rage can make us dance. But we don’t do it. We run away from them. We judge them. We silence them.

The trick is, next time you feel an emotion intensely, sit with it. Say, “Hello anger. I’m feeling you deeply. Thank you for coming. I’m sure you have some things to reveal to me about me and my life. Whatever it is you want to say, I’m here for it.” If you can hold inner space both for the anger and the voice of your anger to emerge, it might tell you a lot of insightful things. Don’t judge or shame what it says. Listen with an open heart.

Psychic Energy Psychology

Only when you can embrace all your emotions, including all the difficult or even ugly ones, then you’ll see that you will have a more spacious inner space. You will be able to enjoy a richer emotional life and not get carried away by your emotions. You’ll be able to listen to them. Once you do that, you’ll also get to know their vibrations better – because you’ll get to know their essence better. When you know them in you, you can recognize them better in other people.

So if you’re not a natural born psychic, working on your very own emotions is one way you can learn the psychic energy of emotions, and also be able to avoid psychic energy manipulation. There are those we call energy vampires or toxic people – we’re sure you can name a few – they might get into a psychic energy feud with you and you might not even understand why you’re feeling so drained or exhausted or annoyed all the time.

If you learn to talk to your emotions, and also develop psychic abilities (or work with a psychic), you can have a healthy emotional life inside you and with other people.

So, the work is both inner and outer. It starts with the inner and then extends to the outer. By working with yourself and a qualified psychic you can master both domains – maybe not overnight but in a relatively short time.

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A Few Simple Tips

To be able to read your own emotions better, there are a few things you can do easily. Practices such as yoga and meditation where teachers help you to slow down and pay attention to your body and/or thoughts would certainly help. Any practice that slows you down and teaches you to pay attention is a good practice for emotional health and fluency.

Art classes sometimes do that. They teach you to look at things, to pay attention to details, to see how the light falls on the different parts of the same object. Or writing classes where you get to practice writing slow-paced texts with descriptions. Reading literature can also be a good practice. Action-packed books or movies aren’t what you want. You want slow, detailed productions.

When you are out, walking down the street, do you pay attention to your surroundings? Not only to make sure you’re safe but also to really see things you haven’t noticed before. Do you notice the trees that line up the streets? Do you know from which direction the sun rises? Can you tell which colors are dominant in each street? Go a bit slower and take it all in. Like a little kid, with wonder.

You can also keep a journal – every day or as often as possible. But instead of writing about what happened, write about how you feel. This will allow you to get in touch with your emotions and stay connected to them. Write in detail. Describe your frustration, for example. Describe it the way you’d describe that big avenue you walked on earlier.

Writing is an amazing practice to get emotionally fluent, to get to know your emotions and yourself. Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist’s Way, says that you should write every morning, even before you make coffee, right after you get out of bed, so that your emotions are poured onto the page without any filters or mental adjustments.

A super fun to practice paying attention is to solve puzzles. Get a 500-piece puzzle, or more, of an image that you absolutely love. Make sure it’s a complex image or view, and do it in your spare time. remember, this is meant to be a fun activity. In our fast-paced world, most of us have lost the ability to sustain attention – we’ve all developed monkey-minds that jump from one thing to another (just notice how you are affected when you scroll down your screen, checking your social media, being bombarded with so many different news stories and pictures).

One Last Tip

Still not sure? Feeling impatient? You can always work with a psychic advisor to learn more about what’s happening in your life and in the lives of those around you – if you can’t read the energy of their emotions, working with a good psychic might just be what you need for the time being. Maybe you can’t read your boss, or your boyfriend, and you want to know more, talking to a psychic might simplify things in the meantime.

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