As we go through life we will experience many cycles, the ultimate cycle being one of life and death, which is what we know to be true.  However, there is also a greater cycle which is repetitive, until we release ourselves from the wheel of karma and this is called re-birth or reincarnation.

There have been numerous accounts from all over the world of those who have claimed that they have experienced a past life of some kind. Many children especially between the ages of four to six years, have also experienced this phenomenon.As a hypnotherapist, I have regressed quite a few people over the years. Although admittedly, I have not encountered anyone who claims to be as famous as Cleopatra or Napoleon yet. Most have led reasonably ordinary lives, some have been wealthy and others have been poor.

During the process I will regress the client, taking them back to where or what they may have possibly perceived to be another life, or form in another place and time. If the client is able to visualize, then much can be accomplished. Of course during the sessions I am only the facilitator, who may guide the person a little towards their journey into the unknown; the rest will be left up to the client. For many, it can be difficult to allow their minds to remain clear and open and to be able to visualize without any pre-conceptualized ideas. One of the reasons where the difficulty may lie,is that many of us in our outlook are very logical, mainly using the left side of the brain without experimenting and developing the creative right side.

Another reason may be “fear of the un-known”. This can be an important factor and why some of us find it very hard to let go of certain things in our lives when we are challenged to move on.If we can learn to move beyond the restrictions, that may have created the blockages in the past, then we are always open to receive whatever may be. However, this is one good reason for experiencing a past life regression, so that we can know what may arise from the session.

When we receive the answers that it may often give us, by letting us know what has caused the blockages, then it can free us from our past. As long as we are prepared to finally let go, of what no longer serves a purpose in our lives anymore.The key to a successful past life regression for one who wishes to undertake the journey, is to be open and accept whatever may come towards you. It doesn’t matter how silly or strange it may seem when receiving images, shapes or perhaps sounds of any kind, or in fact anything else that you may perceive during your journey.Just allow it to happen and accept what is, without analyzing, as this will guide you to towards having a greater understanding of yourself and will create a flow towards the journey of past life regression.

If you wish to train your mind to begin to know who you are and perhaps who you might have been in a previous life, then begin with exercises of clearing your mind. Meditation is a great one for this, as well as practicing the art of visualization. Also try not to hold on to anything that may restrict the flow of your spiritual growth.We are all aware and we are only removing the blockages that exist from our past, as we are all the results of our past!

Quote from my book “Now it Begins”.
“When you are happy with yourself in the present you are creating happiness for your future”.

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