An Overview Of Assorted Tarot Spreads

If you read this column regularly (and if not, why not – I shall expect a note from your parents explaining your absence!) you’ll know that there are a number of tarot spreads for various uses.Here are a selection of  Tarot spreads you might like to use, some are very simple and short and one or two are quite complicated and impressive.

Let’s start with the simplest spread, one that is great for beginners but is still very useful. This spread (if you can call it a spread when there is only one card), can be used every day; it is usually done in the morning. Shuffle your deck whilst concentrating on what you need to know for that day and then pick a card. This card will give you a clue to the rhythms of your day.

There are a number of spreads which use three cards, these can be set out in different ways, and how they work depends on your intention, so you could say you get several readings for the price of one. We begin by picking out three cards and place them in a line from left to right.

For the first interpretation the first card represents the past, the second the present and third the likely outcome. Unfortunately, this reading doesn’t give much detail, so for complex readings you may like to use one of the other spreads in this article. The second way to use this spread is to explore a problem, in this case the first card represents the current problem. The second card represents how to deal with the problem and the third shows the final situation.

The next spread comprises of five cards, these are laid out in a pentagram or five pointed star. The first card is on the upper left point of the star; this represents the origin of your situation. The second card is placed opposite it and this is symbolic of where you are going, the third card is diagonal to the second and this represents the difficulties you may face. Opposite this you place the fourth card, this stands for what you know or what makes sense to you. The fifth card, which is placed at the uppermost point of the star, represents the outcome.

There aren’t many yes/no spreads, perhaps because life is seldom so simple, but if you want this type of answer you might find this seven card spread useful. For this reading you will need to consider cards which are both facing upright and upside-down. The cards are laid in two lines of three with one card placed to the right of the two lines.

The top line runs from left to right and comprises of cards one to three. The bottom row is made up of cards five to seven running from right to left, card four is place on its own to the right of the two rows. The top row relates to the external world, the bottom row is concerned with your personal response. Card number four indicates the general subject and what is on your mind.

The third and fifth cards show what will help your situation; whereas the second and fifth cards show the problems you may face. To discover if the answer is yes or no, see how many cards are facing upright, if more than four cards are upright the answer is likely to be ‘yes’. If four or more are upside-down then the answer is ‘no’. Nevertheless, to make the most of the reading you will still need to read the spread fully.

The Romany or Gypsy spread is another well known spread, although this is a complex spread it is well worth the effort to master because it gives such a profound insight into various aspects of your life. The twenty-one cards are laid out in three rows with seven cards in each row. The bottom row deals with the past, the middle deals with the present and, surprise surprise, the top row refers to the future.

Card one represents work and ambitions. The second concerns itself with home and what you need. The third is associated with luck and your ambitions or wishes. Card number four tells you about what or who supports you, this also includes your friendships. Number five is associated with sex and love. The sixth card is connected to notions of you ambitions and goals. The last card represents your personal quest. This pattern is repeated for the following two rows.

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