Best Astrology Site – Just For You! was created with the intent to offer the best features that Astrology has to offer on the net. And best of all our features are always free for you to enjoy 24/7. We also offer an array of affordable phone and video ” Psychics”, should you have further questions, and you would like to talk to someone live . However most features on our site are great interactive tools that will allow you to ask questions about love , relationships, career and gain clarification on areas in your life .
All of our features are available to you from the black menu tab at the top of each page of our site.
 The Yes or No Oracle, is a great resource if you want concise yes or no answers to those burning questions that you may have… It’s easy to use too! All you do is click on the question box at the top of the page and ask the Oracle your question. When ready you click ” ask”… The answer is then revealed to you inside the crystal ball….
Tarot Cards are another popular feature on our site, and we currently offer you three different types of interactive readings for you to enjoy.
1 Card Reading:
The one card tarot reading is a great feature to use when you want a quick and concise reading about what is going on in your life. You simply focus on your question or areas of concern, ” shuffle” the tarot deck and then when your ready click ” select”. One unique card will then be revealed to you to help you understand just what is going on in your life.
The 3 card tarot reading feature is a little different than the 1 card reading, as each of the three cards focuses on your past, present and future. Just like the 1 card option, you focus on your questions , “shuffle” the tarot deck and when ready click “select”. A unique spread will be revealed to you including the past, present and future influences in your life.
Our Horseshoe spread, is a unique full spread tarot card option, which allows you to really get perspective on what is going on in all areas of your life. The reading focuses on 7 different areas including: past events, present events, immediate future, attitude, other influences, obstacles and the likely outcome. This spread offers you a concise reading and clarity in all areas of your life.
We have amazing daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes for you to enjoy along with our thought of the day , which will give you daily quotes and inspiration for your life. We at Freeastrology123 are here to inspire you, our global community of Astrology followers. Please continue to spread the word and we will continue to offer you new and exciting free astrology features for you to enjoy anywhere anytime 🙂

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