One With Nature,One With Self

One with nature, one with self…

In my previous post I shared how important it is not to use products that contain chemicals, chemicals that have been proven to have a detrimental impact on our health.  Researchers are screaming out, shouting the health implications and what we are now doing is sharing that information as we can no longer remain silent and look ourselves in the mirror.

Chemicals unfortunately do not just relate to the products we put on our skin and as a result absorb into our body, although the chemicals found in your everyday conventional skin, hair and beauty care products are some of the worst endocrine disrupting chemicals that you can subject your body to, it is also important to note that chemicals found in conventional produce and also in foods also have an impact on our delicate endocrine system.

In this post I would also like to share that in my opinion it is pointless to fill our body with incredible nutrient-rich, certified organic food or use only certified organic products on our skin (which according to research, 65-70% will enter our bloodstream and organs) if we are not in stress-free state. Why is this so important? Well stress impacts our bodies in more ways that you can possibly imagine.  When we are stressed, more often than not our body is in what is called Sympathetic Nervous System State (SNS or “fight or flight”). When our body goes into that state, according to Dr Libby Weaver, one of Australia’s leading health experts for women, our digestive system shuts down and as 80% of the immune system response is generated from the digestive system, being stressed and being in this state impacts every organ and cell in our body as the nutrients are able to be absorbed by the body in this state.

Did you know that when you are in SNS state, your body cannot physiologically burn fat either as it doesn’t feel safe enough to do so and we wonder why, if we are exercising regularly and eating healthy why the pounds aren’t moving. When we do strenuous exercise we push our body further into the SNS state. How do we alter this? We need to put our body into Parasympathetic Nervous System State (PNS) as it is only when our body is in this state can it rest and digest and rest and repair and the secret is knowing how to get your body into that state.

One of the simplest ways to get your body out of SNS and into PNS is to meditate. Meditation has many benefits but this is arguably the most beneficial to the body and that is because without the digestive system working effectively, nutrients cannot be absorbed by the body and our body needs nutrients, and lots of them to function effectively.

Yoga is definitely another form of exercise that will have your body shift from SNS to PNS as is mindfulness and taking a slow long walk in nature.

I run retreats in beautiful Casuarina Beach, Northern NSW, Australia designed to have you live the most powerful life possible, giving you techniques that show you how to take yourself out of the Sympathetic and transition into the Parasympathetic Nervous System state. Our retreats are held twice a year in May and October, however, due to popular demand, we are holding an additional retreat in January 2015. Our retreats are intimate and personalized and during the retreat I personally am present with you the whole time teaching you how to transition to a healthier life in every aspect (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). I personally hold all cooking lessons, teach workshops and take you through guided meditation and my business partner Sylvi Allan teaches gentle yoga exercises and assists in guiding you through our workshops and your journey.

We are here only once on this journey (in this body anyway)… our goal in everything we do, our retreats, our products, my books, is to have you live a life you will love, being educated, empowered and chemical-free and being the most powerful you, that you can be. For details on our retreats, please go to

There is a peace within us and when discovered we get to live the life we truly dream of.

Self worth is not in the things we own or do, we are much more valuable than anything we have or own, or any work we do…

Allow us to help you discover a holistic approach to living, one where collectively we are in unison with nature and with each other and one where we embrace the riches of nature and our universe to cleanse and nurture our body and our soul. When we do so we restore ourselves, our divinity and the service we are to all that is….

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