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In passing Obama’s Health Care Reform Act, President Obama finally accomplished what other American Presidents had failed to do for a Century. However, it has not been without its teething problems. Now still in its infancy, is it too early to tell if the now entitled ‘Obamacare’ will mature into something to be proud of?

President Obama’s Health Care Reform Act came into law in 2010, a year after several debates and a gridlocked congress. The date astrologically aligned planets in interesting ways for this historic occasion with positive and negative aspects. As the Sun and Jupiter were placed high on the horizon co-joined by Uranus, beneficially symbolizing how outdated laws and policies would be radically renewed at this moment in time. However, with Saturn in opposition representing the home and the people, it was not going to progress easily. Although, not overlooking the part of fortune on its side, as it formed good aspects to the people and the initiation of this new law.

Noticeably when the Obama care bill was passed by law, the Moon positioned on the Ascendant closely aspected by the South Node, emphasized the going over of old issues concerning the public, as ruled by the Moon. With much opposition involved from both inside and outside of the government, especially at a time when the Country was already struggling with a heavy recession. Many were against any new bills that increased taxes, adding more to public expenses. Also, Pluto in Capricorn in opposition meant that any new laws would be fiercely fought against, as this heavy aspect encouraged many to only see the downside of this bill. However, the North Node placement here revealed that any opposition would be eventually overruled, as was confirmed by the Supreme Court later in 2012, when transiting planets positively signalled a green light for it to progress further.

Astrologically, planetary aspects indicated that implementation of Obamacare would be slow to take off the ground with hidden factors emerging. Delays seemed inevitable, as close analysis of Obamacare’s astrology chart displayed, with many conflicts and difficulties at the beginning, causing a stop and start effect. However, there remained the possibility for eventual success if handled carefully. Although, Mars in the first house of initiation stressed that this called for a firm and strong approach to get things underway. Opinion polls then and now confirm that only about 40% of people favoured the new bill. After many delays however, Jupiter in Taurus finally made several good aspects to President Obama’s natal chart, but once again in September 2013 the Republicans voted for another year’s delay of the individual mandate.

At this time several Scorpio planets moving through the heavens affected the Country’s natal chart, highlighting that the bill was once again seen as a negative factor for the people and health care providers. Many Cardinal planets suggested subtle undercurrents in the government, especially concerning finances, leading to further obstacles and setbacks. The Sun in Aries natally opposing Saturn in Libra signified the scepticism towards the health care plan and its trailblazers. Although, luckily Saturn is also exalted in Libra and the fourth house, denoting that eventually the bill would benefit the health and overall care of the people.

So subsequently when auspicious Jupiter in Cancer conjucted the Moon, the bill gained momentum, with people beginning to buy health care or pay additional fees on their taxes. Moving on from this initial slow beginnings stage, people may soon realise that paying regular monthly premiums will counteract their long term health care costs. The health insurance should gradually come down in price, with planetary indicators suggesting preventative health care will be seen as the cheaper option versus expensive emergency treatment at a later date.

However the plan is not quite out of diapers yet, as towards the end of the year Saturn will move into Sagittarius, the sixth house of its natal chart. Then it seems more problems regarding older people and monetary implications may emerge, with the new bill costing more than first expected. This further supported by Jupiter now transiting the Second House, adding extra momentary expenses. Hopefully though, the informed majority will comprehend that initial payments and payouts will be higher until the plan is fully established, but in the long-term the benefits should outweigh the costs.

This already seemingly apparent, as since sign-up ‘Obamacare’ has aided millions of Americans to receive better quality health insurance. As previously low waged Americans and those with pre-existing health conditions struggled to purchase affordable health care.

In sum, this reform was enacted to expand American’s health care rights, while reducing wasteful spending in healthcare overall. Now if given an adequate time span allowing it to walk before it runs, may mean it continues to run and run. Therefore, meaning that the legacy of healthy generations to come may outshine the Act itself!

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