Ever wondered what it means when astrologers say a planet is in a sign? Say, when they talk about Neptune. What does Neptune in Taurus mean? What does Neptune in Virgo mean? We realized that the average reader doesn’t know, and it only makes sense that they don’t, since astrology is a deep, complex subject matter. It takes months or even years to learn and master it.

We realized there’s a gap between what astrologers talk about and what people know. To bridge the gap, we created this article series explaining each planet. In this article we explore Neptune and we answer questions such as:

  • What zodiac sign is associated with Neptune?
  • What does Neptune sign mean in astrology?
  • How long does Neptune stay in a sign?
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What is a Ruling Planet?

Every sign in the zodiac has a ruling planet – sometimes two. The ruling planet effects, shapes, defines that sign. A sign’s ruling planet is the source of that sign’s archetypal characteristics and distinctive powers. Each planet is different whether it’s the planet’s mass, shape, orbit, rings, pace, satellites, distance from the Sun, distance from Earth, and mystical connotations.

Planets aren’t stationary; they move. While they each rule a sign or two, they also move through different constellations and every time they come to a constellation, they affect the associated sign. So, for example, as Neptune moves in the sky, it will enter Aries, Taurus etc. Aries has a stellar constellation, so does Taurus. Think of each sign as an area in the sky. Planets’ forward movement is called prograde, and when they seem to move backwards in their orbit, we call this retrograde. (Check out 2019 planetary retrogrades).

So, when a planet is in a sign, e.g. Neptune is in Gemini, it means that our Gemini pals get influenced by Neptune. During that period – can be anything from days to years – our Gemini friends experience all aspects of life through Neptune-colored glasses.

How long does a planet stay in a sign? It depends on the planet. That’s why, we can’t provide a uniform list of how long a planet stays in each sign. Each planet has a unique pace. With Neptune, we can say that because Neptune takes about 164.8 years to finish one full orbit around the Sun, it spends around a whopping fourteen years in a sign, on average.

Which zodiac sign is ruled by Neptune?

What do Neptune signs mean? Neptune signs mean those signs ruled by the planet Neptune, i.e. Pisces. When a planet is in the sign it rules, for example when Neptune is in Pisces, Pisces already being too-much Neptune-like in life, becomes triple or quadruple Neptune-like!

The Personality of Neptune

The eighth planet from the Sun, Neptune is super far and just not bright enough to be seen with the naked eye. It’s about the size of Uranus. It takes Neptune 164.8 years to finish one orbit around the Sun – its orbit is circular in shape, similar to that of Venus. It has a deep blue color and because it’s not bright, it looks mysterious, occult, secretive. Neptune was only discovered in 1846 – a triumph for astronomers, scientists, and mathematicians at the time. The discovery helped astrologers understand Pisces better.

It’s very interesting that Neptune was discovered during the era of Romanticism as it’s associated with romantic ideals, poems, dreams, and spiritual love. Neptune is considered a “higher octave” of Venus, like Venus upgraded. Neptune helps us transcend the everyday and discover the spiritual including in our love lives.

Neptune isn’t detail-oriented. It doesn’t like formulas and precision. It’s a planet that speaks the language of mystics, lovers, poets, dreamers, and visionaries. Neptune brings us the idea of something, the vision, the dream, the contours – not to-do lists or plans. With Neptune, we get the long view.

Like Venus, Neptune appreciates love and beauty. While Venus values pleasure and eroticism, Neptune pays deeper attention to the spiritual aspects of love – the union of souls. Venus might bring us a fling but when Neptune enters the picture, it brings us our soul mate.

Neptune influences writers, artists, creators of all kinds at different points in their lives. It gives them inspiration, thoughts, the ability to connect the dots, the ability to be spontaneously and effortlessly creative.

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When Neptune is in YOUR sign

Neptune-influenced people tend to feel more in touch with deeper beauty and mysticism. They appreciate the interconnectedness of life as well as the finer details and beautiful nuances found in nature. They look at two flowers that appear the same and can feel their difference in energy.

Right now, Neptune is in its home sign of Pisces, which is a shift of epic proportions. It will last from February 2011 till January 2026. This happens every 165 years or so, and it’s a big deal for this planet to be back to its home sign. It’s a time of deeper creativity and spirituality not for our Piscean friends but the whole wide world.

Your natal chart

Each and every one of us comes to this world for different reasons and to learn different lessons. You can see what your soul intended to do in your astrological natal chart. The soul chooses its exact moment of birth, which is why natal charts are replete with information.

When you get your natal chart created and interpreted by an experienced astrologer, you can expect to get a complete panorama of your life, personality, past, present moment, and predictions for the future. You can ask where Neptune is in your natal chart, meaning where it was in the sky, passing through which constellation, when you were born. Perhaps you’re a Pisces, and Neptune was in Pisces when you were born – double the effect!

If you are a creative person, or if you have creative projects in your heart but haven’t found the courage in your heart to move forward yet, you must ask your astrologer about Neptune and what it’s doing in your chart – where is it now, where was it when you were born etc.

If you are seeking deeper love – a deep spiritual union, nothing less than soul mate material – find out what’s happening with both Venus and Neptune. Your astrologer can easily tell you and let you know what else to expect.

Finding the right astrologer

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