The Secrets of Your Astrology Natal Chart

Ever wondered what your astrology natal chart can tell you? Many websites today give you generalized interpretations but your natal chart can offer you so much more. From your emotional landscape to life purpose, best paths to walk, love life lessons that are likely to come your way, best career choices etc. A personal natal chart interpretation can change your life, not just now but forever.

It’s said that the secrets of your soul can be deciphered by looking at the day, time, year and location of your birth – which is what natal birth charts do. It looks at the sky from the location you were born in, at the day and exact time of your birth.

But here’s the thing. It’s not that your time and place of birth determine your soul purpose. It is that your soul already knew all its secrets and life purpose for this lifetime, and chose its place and time of birth accordingly. So, when we look at natal birth charts, we’re going into a mystical territory, into a spiritual plane that existed before your birth, still exists today, and your soul is connected to it at all times. But your conscious mind is not.


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How to read your natal chart

Learning how to read natal charts is not that difficult but a good reader needs to have the skills and the astrology knowledge to be able to do a good job. Because while you can memorize the meanings of planets and houses (the twelve sections of the natal chart), it’s not their absolute meanings that mater. It’s the relationship between them that matters.

Like in Tarot, knowing the meanings of the cards is fine, but it’s just a start. One can’t do a good reading if one can’t tune in to how the cards come together and create stories. The cards talk to one another. They choose specific locations in a reading, which can affect their interpretation, as opposed to having one absolute meaning. Same with natal charts. Planets talk to one another. Their position and placement matters, as well as how they meet – the angles, transits etc.

Understanding Your Natal Chart

So, while we can provide a few pointers to get started on reading your natal chart, in the final analysis, it would be worth to get your natal chart reading done professionally – perhaps once every several months. Because while the date, time, and location of your birth doesn’t change, comparing your natal chart to the way the planets are today can provide amazing insights about where you are today – emotionally, spiritually, career-wise and more.

So, while a natal chart is an amazing tool to explore and understand your overall life purpose and the yearnings of your soul, your natal chart can also be a marvellous tool to understand your present-day situation too. A good, experienced astrologer should be able to do all this for you easily. They should be able to give you a lot of details about each one of your houses.

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The 12 Houses

Each natal chart is divided into 12 sections, called houses. Which planets you have in each house determines the overall flavor of your life and life areas. You would need to study the houses as well as the planets, and how they relate to one another, in order to understand your natal chart thoroughly.

To help you to begin the journey, here are the 12 houses.

1st House

The first house in your natal chart starts the zodiac and so it covers the all “firsts” such as the first impressions you get from the world, your first impressions of your self as well as its appearance i.e. how you appear to others, new beginnings, fresh initiatives, just anything that has to do with beginnings. The sign on the starting edge of this house is your rising sign, also known as your ascendant.

2nd House

The second house in your natal chart covers all the things that are related to your immediate environment— both material and physical. It includes how you taste, smell, hear, feel and see it all. The second house also rules your income, money, abundance, and how you feel about it all.

3rd House

The third house in your natal chart rules all forms of communication—talking, thinking, connecting through all types of different devices (cell phones, PC, pagers, Instant Messenger, Facetime, etc.). It also covers siblings, neighborhoods, local travel – your closest circle, really, and how you communicate with them. It also includes local libraries, schools, teachers and your experiences in your immediate community.

4th House

The fourth house in your natal chart rules your home, your basic security, your own caretakers when you were little (particularly your mother or primary caregiver), your own children, and if you’re a woman, your own mothering abilities, and if you’re a man, your fathering abilities. The 4th house is like the foundation of it all – after all how and where you were raised predetermines so much of how your life will unfold.

5th House

The fifth house in your natal chart rules self-expression, including outward drama but also healthy expressions of creativity. You might be bursting with color, wanting attention, romance, fun or play – as long as it’s a healthy dose, all is well.

6th House

The sixth house in your natal chart rules your health and wellbeing. Because so much of our health depends on our habits, this house also rules schedules, organization, routines that also include your fitness, diet and exercise routines. It has to do with natural and healthy living, and can also include inspiring others to be healthy. Living like an example!

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7th House

The seventh house in your natal chart rules your relationships and how you connect to other people. It rules all partnerships and affairs, both in business and personal realms, and all relationship-associated matters, like formal contracts such as business deals, rental contracts but also even marriage.

8th House

The eighth house in your natal chart rules birth, death, sex, raw feelings, transformation, deep mysteries, bonding at deep psychic levels, merging (including even energy-vampire attacks). Interestingly, this house also rules other people’s property and income – people around you, those who affect you.

9th House

The ninth house in your natal chart covers the higher mind, mental and intellectual expansion, international travel, journeys, inspiration, hopefulness, exploring new things, learning languages, publishing, broadcasting, connecting with more and more people, taking risks, enjoying adventures, can include gambling too. This house also rules religion, philosophy, and ethics.

10th House

The tenth house in your natal chart rules structures, schedules, corporations, organized activities, tradition, and also your public image, name and fame that have to do with your achievements and awards. This house also has to do with rules, discipline, authority figures, and might have to do with your father and fatherhood. This house can reveal a lot about your career.

11th House

The eleventh house in your natal chart governs teams, team building, friendships, group relations, your ties to society and different groups. It can also include networking, social media, internet, and how you connect to the rest of the world. It also rules innovation, eccentricity, unexpected events, surprises, discoveries, science fiction and a future-focused outlook.

12th House

The twelfth house in your natal chart is the last house and fittingly, it rules endings such as the final stages of a job, relationship, or a project; tying up loose ends before leaving, conclusions, completions, including even death and the afterlife. This house can also mean choosing to have alone time, away from society, to meditate or find yourself. But it can also mean being put in a prison, hospital, or old age home.

Knowing what each house does will help you to understand your natal chart clearly. You might also want to explore planets and what each planet means to understand your chart thoroughly. (we will cover the planets in another article; stay tuned!)

In Love? Your Natal Chart Compatibility

What’s so awesome about natal charts is that they give us soo many details about our lives and souls. So when we compare two natal charts, it gets very easy to see whether we have two people who can spend their lifetimes together and in a good way. We get to see what they are into and how they experience themselves and the world. We get to see what their relationship to spirituality is, to love, to their emotions, even to their mothers.

A good astrologer can compare two natal charts and tell you how you complement or oppose each other when it comes to money matters, family, romance, passion, sex and your ideas for the future. It’s so worth getting it done! You can then see how you each view life and what you truly want out of the future, including your subconscious desires. Getting your chart compatibility done is a must if you’re in a relationship!


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