Often when we hear the word mundane, we think of boring, ordinary, everyday events, but Mundane Astrology is the most ancient branch of Astrology.

Where the study of heavenly cycles of planets and signs affects the outcome of nations and countries around the world. The affairs of the nation can be judged  from the horoscope set up at the time of it’s official inauguration, the birth of it’s leaders and various other phenomena.

The same rules apply as in delineating a horoscope, but in Mundane Astrology it refers to a nation in an extended form. With the influence of the nation’s affairs in connection with the twelve mundane houses and their powers and significance in dealing with them, occurring in a more complex form. Mundane comes from the Roman word, Mundas, meaning the world, based on celestial changes or major events to a country’s birth chart.

There are different approaches by which we can study Mundane Astrology and in ancient times this was considered a useful method of predicting geological incidents, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. These being based on the present movements and various factors of the Mundane chart’s interpretations. So when predicting the Mundane astrology of a country, factors like political stability and relationships with other countries will be taken into consideration. Also the strength and functional nature of the country’s leader and any weaknesses and influences noticed by studying the planets, signs and house placements at a specific time.

Originally developed in Babylon, Mundane Astrology has not undergone major transformations until quite recently. For previously predictions were very limited, mainly used for short term concerns at times of war and peace or questions such as financial issues. However, in the twentieth century, techniques underwent a substantial update, as planetary cycles and their influence on the natal chart were deemed instrumental, leading to advances in Mundane astrology. However, the rules followed are still too intricate to admit a clear definition, as in financial forecasting, which is fraught with potential pitfalls, as economic indicators are prone to counteract each other. For contradictorily, some sectors may be performing well, while others are suffering poorly at the same time.

However, even though at times fathoming out this Astrology can be like coming up against a brick wall, a turning point for Mundane Astrology was the demolishing of one. As this area has attracted an  increasingly wide audience since the collapse of the Eastern block in 1989. For many began to be fascinated with global changes and predicated forecasts for Germany and European countries that proved remarkably accurate. It may also have been partly due to President Reagan using Astrology as a source of advice for many years, often proving more successful than the advice given by his personal aides. Although, like reading a map, the forecaster must interpret astrological symbols correctly for an accurate outcome.

Another controversial  application of Mundane astrology is using it for future  forecasts of religious groups, as a preventative measure for governments, in order to avoid severe measures at a later date due to religious extremists. For it follows that the chief purpose of Mundane Astrology is a clear knowledge of the characteristics of the heavens, allowing leaders to avert wars. Although, it must be always remembered that astrological predictions alone cannot take place in isolation from political realities, as all politicians do not share the same ideals for peace and justice. At present though, it is realistic to be optimistic that the world will hopefully take notice of Astrology and its uses. Even if people tend to use it in a manner which is more self-interested and at times corrupted. This being especially true regarding the mechanics of Mundane Astrology, as like using a tool without carefully reading the instructions, often the tool of Mundane Astrology has been appropriated by Politicians for their own use with none of the understanding.

So as in all mundane work, the meanings of the planets and houses need to be adapted to the circumstances of the nation rather than individual. Then, like all charts, the angles are of paramount importance, followed by the signs and planets for specific outcomes. For example, the Sun may represent the Prime Minister or Monarch, while the Moon may represent the common people and women generally. Also the position of the Moon in a Mundane chart is vital in showing where the public’s attention is directed.

Therefore, generally in Astrology, the Ascendant of the ingress chart is a new beginning with the Sun in Aries. In a movable Cardinal sign the chart remains valid for three months, needing further charts constructed when other Cardinal signs are entered. However, if the ascendant is in a Mutable sign, then the chart remains valid for six months, with another chart being formed upon the Sun entering Libra for the second half of the year. While if the ascendant is in a fixed sign, the chart would be valid for the entire year. So for any remaining sceptics consider the Soviet Union in 1928, where it is claimed a convention for Astrologers was organised by Stalin, with those attending never to be seen again! Not so mundane is it now? More out of the ordinary!

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