Miley Cyrus Tarot Reading

Miley Cyrus seems to be a bit of a party girl, but it doesn’t stop her delighting her fans. Even with a hangover, the 21-year-old wowed audiences in Rio de Janeiro – although in all the excitement she seems to have forgotten to get dressed for a selfie she took later in which she posed as Sky Ferreira – hey, it could happen to anyone! Still, I wanted to know what happens when the fans go home and the party is over. It’s time to ask the Tarot; ‘What is Miley Cyrus really like?’

The first card I picked for Miley was the Queen of Pentacles. This card represents the star herself and it seems she is every bit as lively as you might imagine. Miley is full of energy as well as being extremely fit and she finds it difficult to burn it all off; hence the partying. She is also a very passionate woman for whom there is never any middle ground, she loves something or she hates it. She may have a bit of a fiery temper, but if a storm cloud crosses her brow it will soon dissolve into sunny smiles. She is unlikely to be duplicitous or hold a grudge, which brings us neatly to the card representing her relationships.

I was curious to find Judgement in the part of the reading which represents Miley’s relationships, as this suggests something karmic about one particular interaction. The way Miley has treated someone in the past will be reflected in the way someone else will treat her. Good news if she’s been nice, but not so good if she has been moody and mean. Alternatively, it could be that she is about to meet a soul mate; this may not be a lover, it could just as easily be an important friend. But if this is the case, there will be an almost instant bond between them.

The card representing her finances was also a little unusual. The High Priestess is usually associated with matters related to psychic ability and dreams. Here, in the financial sector of her reading, it would suggest that Miley would do well to follow her instincts when it comes to choosing where and how to invest her time and cash, a dream could also give her a clue on how to multiply her moolah. She may also find that she is drawn to invest in something related to spiritual or holistic matters.

In this reading, Miley’s career is represented by the Two of Pentacles. Whoever said ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it’ has never met Miley. Remember all that energy we mentioned earlier? Well, Miley relishes the opportunity to do more than one thing at a time, that’s why she can party one night and perform on stage the next. Miley can fit a week’s activities into a day and still stay fresh. Yet, she is only human and it might advance her career more if she slowed down a bit. A lazy day doing nothing could be a good idea sometimes (but more of that later).

Temperance appeared in the health sector of Miley’s reading. I think that you will have gathered by now that Miley is a power house of energy and her health is generally good. The point is we want it to stay at its optimum, and Temperance suggests to accomplish this, Miley may have to calm down a little. When we hear the word ‘Temperance’ we tend to think of the ‘Temperance Movement’ whose followers eschewed booze. Whilst we wouldn’t suggest Miley needs to be tea-total, a little less alcohol might be of benefit to her. Temperance also means taking things steady and calmly, and it might be no bad thing if Miley made time to chill out now and again.

The last card, the Six of Cups, represents travel. This charming card suggests Miley may fancy visiting some of her childhood haunts or meeting up with an old friend or sibling. Whichever she chooses, such a jaunt could bring back some delightful memories and prove to be very relaxing too: just what the Temperance card recommended.

Miley is well known for songs such as ‘We can’t stop’ and she really does seem to struggle when it comes to slowing down and relaxing. She enjoys a good party, and why not, but she needs to ensure she doesn’t let her love of having a good time get out of hand. This reading suggests that far from harming her career, a more chilled approach could pay dividends.

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