Mercury Retrograde October 2014

Mercury, the closest Planet to the Sun, and also a silvery metal, at first glance they appear to have little in common. However, on closer examination, perhaps not!

For at ordinary temperature the metal Mercury is liquid, generally referred to as quicksilver. However, a change in temperature and liquid becomes solid. Also, a little too much sends a person mad; think of Milliners, like the ‘Mad Hatter’ of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Well, in a way you could say the same regarding the Planet, Mercury. For ordinarily, this Planet progresses forward steadily and usually so do our lives, as Mercury governs day to day affairs. However, sometimes like the substance, the Planet Mercury appears to stop moving and regress, creating chaos, a time referred to in Astrology as Mercury retrograde!

At this time, mix-ups and mayhem seem to be the order of the day, as everything goes a little crazy. There may not be white rabbits, mad hatters or painted rose bushes, but under Mercury retrograde, often you will be late for a very important date or busy correcting errors. For if Mercury be the Roman God of eloquence, then under Mercury retrograde this god is tongue tied and statuesque. As when Mercury retrogrades, its energy slows down and intensifies, generating critical events on a universal level. Fortunately, this cycle usually occurs only three or four times a year, allowing an opportunity for those in the know to prepare for and utilise the periods when Mercury retrogrades.

As used effectively a Mercury retrograde episode can provide the possibility of rectifying past faults, as like returned mail, this so-called messenger Planet when retrograde, goes back over previously unresolved issues. However, Mercury maybe the postman of the planetary system, posting a return to sender, but the way in which you deal with the matter has much to do with your Natal Mercury.

For Mercury relates literally to the way in which we relate, as it is all about connections, mentally and physically. This ranges from our rational thinking, perception and ability to learn, to our daily routine and everyday communications. Therefore, it follows that it governs short journeys and familiar surroundings, such as neighbourhood and siblings. Although, not only associated with how our minds work, but also our hands. So dexterity, nervous and respiratory functions, along with what our hands do for a living, are linked to Mercury. Subsequently, when disconnection occurs, as in a Mercury retrograde phase, a great variety of things can go haywire!

This is particularly evident concerning any forms of travel and communication. So, journeys will take longer than expected, with hold-ups, breakdowns and time mix-ups. While, post will be delayed at the very least, if arriving at all, or e-mails and saved work will seem to just vanish. Consequently, taking additional precautions is necessary with Mercury retrograde; add extra to extra time and treble rather than double check. For not only are outside factors affected, but our understanding. So, the facts might all be there in-front of us, but we may overlook the small print, or take a different meaning from conversations.

Hence, signing contracts, new purchases especially electrical items, and even new relationships or marriages are unadvisable under this transit. As not only will they prove problematic and frustrating, but clarity is obscured. Thus, when Mercury turns direct, you will view things very differently. However, of course, everyday life does not come to a complete standstill under Mercury retrograde, even if the Planet appears to, so some everyday tasks are unavoidable. Therefore, the Sign Mercury retrogrades in provides a good clue as to the area facing disruption. For instance, retrograde Mercury in banking related Taurus, maybe more likely to cause cash-point malfunctions, than say, watery Pisces. Furthermore, knowing your own Natal chart, aspects and progressions helps even more, as the House and Planets activated give you an idea of how it may influence you.

Therefore, with this in mind, it may not be a wholly negative experience. This holds especially true of those born with Mercury retrograde, who naturally function more instinctually. As at Mercury retrograde times, external factors feel more uncontrollable than normal, intuition leads, as logic loses its way. Therefore, fated encounters may occur and intuitive energy easily develops into psychic abilities at this time, preventing nervous or breathing disorders building. Also, it is a perfect moment to stop and re-evaluate, or any ‘re’ really, from re-visiting old places and faces, re-decorating or re-finding treasures you thought lost forever. Essentially, Mercury retrograde transits fashioned positively allow us to shop from the past, restyle and improve it, the ultimate ‘retro’ accessory!


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