On a wintery crisp Sunday morning while my children danced and chirped along to our beloved Disney songs, I decided I was going to make a delicious dinner. Admittedly I am usually not this organized when it comes to cooking, but with a busy day of Brooklyn sightseeing ahead I wanted the convenience of a meal ready to heat and eat.

Singing along to Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah I found my stress free bliss in creating a meal I loved for the people I love. As a busy mother and businesswoman, I find making meals a sometimes stressful experience as I often start them with little to no time to prepare them and just as much, if not less, inspiration.

Which is funny because when given the time and space I actually love to cook, but pressures, patterns, and perspective make this could-be creative outlet into a relentless burden.

This results in me feeling rushed, stressed, wishing I had prepared sooner, wishing even more that I had a personal chef, and placating the kids with small snacks which sometimes rob them of their appetites to eat the meal I am slaving over in the first place.

But on this magical Sunday empowered by the ingenuity and spirit of Walt himself I decided to do things differently, and make some manifesting soup magic.

All too often we are victims to our own patterns, manifesting a lot of what we don’t want on default. We may realize something isn’t quite right, we may even go a step further and realize that surely there must be a better way to do things, but we are so busy trying to get things done, usually at breakneck speed, that we lose sight of the fact that we are indeed co-creating with the Universe.

As an eternal spirit of Universe lovingly born from Source, we are incredibly powerful energetic beings creating our physical experience. Never the victims of fate or luck, we use our thoughts and emotions as vibrational beacons summoning experience that is a direct match to how we are feeling.

From the incredible car park right out the front of your building to the parking fine left on your windscreen, everything you are experiencing was once a thought, emotion, belief or intention.

This is due to the Law of Attraction and because of this immutable Universal Law we can consciously think and feel our way into a better, higher vibrational experience aligned with Source through intention, visualization, gratitude and joy.

So how do we think and feel our way into a higher vibration? We get into alignment with our inner guidance system, connecting to Source and our life’s path by honoring what feels good and reaching for the good feeling thoughts and experiences.

When we actively care about the way we feel, we come into alignment with what feels good and we gain clarity and focus on what we want, firing “rockets of desire” back into the Universe that we create (Abraham Hicks).

Now let’s go back to my kitchen… As I merrily chopped the ingredients for my rustic winter corn and bacon chowder I set the intention that it would be fun to cook this meal with more time and less pressure, and that this would be a delicious meal enjoyed by the whole family.

My daughters are great eaters, but sometimes feeding a two and five year old can be challenging, so it was important to include them in the framing.

As I belted Colors of the Wind better than Pocahontas herself, I felt happy and relaxed chopping all the ingredients for my large hotpot. I visualized the fun we would have in our day ahead, the warming soup to come home to, seeing and feeling my family sit around the table appreciating and complimenting me on my soup.

Before even questioning if I should have another cup of tea I flick the kettle on and pour myself a piping hot cup of English Breakfast and take in the delicious melting butter glistening on softly fried onions and garlic, my home filling the aromas of love and comfort.

Feeling an immense full-body wave of gratitude I sneak up behind my husband, wrapping my arms around him and tell him how much I love him and our new life in New York.

Dancing and laughing with my daughters I allow my soup to take care of itself (also known as the Art of Allowing), all the flavors gently melding together without my usual pressure cooker stress.Indeed it’s often in letting go, trusting and stepping out of the way of ourselves that true magic in all forms (not just culinary) can unfold.

The soup was a success from start to finish, thanks to my thinking and feeling my way into a new higher vibration experience. Going with the flow downstream, taking the happy path of least resistance that reaches for joy in the moment, I was able to have fun instead of stress out and maintain complete alignment with my Higher Self and greatest desires.

This can be applied to any situation or goal and by thinking and feeling your way to a higher vibration with intention, visualization, gratitude and joy anyone can manifest some soup magic.

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