Madonna blazed into the public’s attention when she encouraged us to take a Holiday in the 1980s. Since then she has seldom been out of the limelight. Mo changes her image more regularly than many people change their socks, so will the real Madonna step forward please?

The first card represents the lady herself, and it seems suitable that the Queen of Pop should be portrayed by a court card; in this case the King of Pentacles. This card tells us how Madge views the world at the moment. The King of Pentacles implies that she is a real career woman who expects and demands perfection. Furthermore, you can be sure she is less than impressed with anyone who fails to meet her exacting standards – pity the poor dancer who misses a beat in one of her shows! In her defence she is just as demanding of her own performance and she never accepts second best. We tend to think of Madonna as a performer but she is a Material Girl too and has a natural business brain. If she wasn’t a singer she would be perfectly at home as the CEO of a large corporation. Unfortunately, she struggles to connect emotionally with others and potential allies can be put off by her extreme assertiveness. Friendships don’t come easy to her and she can appear aloof and remote.

Madonna is nearly as famous for her turbulent relationships as she is for performing, which makes the next card, The Queen of Cups, a surprise in the relationship sector of her spread. Still, even the most uncompromising individuals have some friends and Madonna is no exception. Indeed, she is blessed with a very sweet supportive someone in her life. Unlike the strident Mo this person is passive (they need to be!) yet that doesn’t mean that they are a doormat and they can stand up to Madge when she gets too diva-ish for comfort. If Madonna has any sense she’ll appreciate how this person can compliment her own character and bring qualities she lacks to their relationship.

I doubt that Mo will ever drop by and ask you for a sub until pay day, but the appearance of The Wheel of Fortune and the Five of Cups in her cash sector imply she could find her finances don’t always reap vast rewards. A project in which she is involved could falter despite a promising start.

Since the card in her career zone is the Ten of Pentacles, I don’t think this refers to her main career but a secondary interest. Unfortunately for Madge this project is likely to be one she has a strong personal interest in and its unexpected failure could leave her feeling downhearted. Still, Madonna being Madonna she won’t sit moping for long.

As I said earlier, Madge has the Ten of Pentacles in her career zone, this points to great financial success which brings with it great emotional satisfaction. A family member (possibly a young woman) could also add a new lease of life to Madonna Inc. Nevertheless, the Ten of Pentacles added to the previous two cards and the card that comes next has left me wondering whether professional jealousy of a comparative newbie could leave Madge feeling rattled.

The Three of Swords in Madonna’s health sector suggests she may be unhappy about something, and it also backs up my idea that she is prone to suffering from the green-eyed monster. The Three of Swords implies that she is in danger of letting jealousy get the better of her. Whilst this is hardly going to damage her health it will affect her sense of wellbeing. Luckily, the Three of Swords comes with a card of its own – a ‘get out of jail card’ and this means that as long as she is willing work with her feelings she can improve her situation.

You don’t need me to tell you Madonna is likely to travel over the next twelve months, but the thing about Madge is she thinks BIG. The Seven of Cups in this part of her reading confirms that she will approach at least one journey she takes in the next twelve months in grand style. During this time she will take a special journey with a specific aim in mind, but not even her Madge-sty can control everything (much as she’d like to) and her trip will not go to plan. The ensuing chaos and confusion will leave her distinctly unimpressed – you don’t want to be there when that happens!

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