Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

Capricorn Love Horoscope
Just by having the Moon return to your romantic and relationship sectors this week was going to raise the level of awareness on both fronts. However, in a rare case of synchronicity, in both cases, this will also herald in a new wave of planetary activity. It starts on the romantic front, with the Moon returning for what, at the time, appears to be an ordinary monthly visit to your romantic sector on Tuesday. Instead Venus, the planet of love will be here by the time the Moon leaves on Thursday, with these romantically charged lunar vibes paving the way for some of the most romantically charged weeks of any year. Meanwhile, the Moon's return to your relationship sector over the weekend will bring a chance to become more emotionally engaged. With the Sun still two months away, at the time this is more a chance to check in but with Mars returning next week, this paves the way for the start of the most important months of the year on the relationship front.
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Capricorn in Love

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