As we pass through the festive season of merriment another year draws to a close.It is a time for giving and receiving over this period, which can bring happiness and an equal balance to all who take part. However, unfortunately this is not always the way, as it can also be a time when we may become a little overwhelmed with stress from the pressures that surround us in today’s fast society.

For some, the year may have brought joy and happiness and for others perhaps the opposite. There may have been confusion, regrets, frustration anger, jealousy and hurt from our past. Of course, this does not mean that things only happen during the season of good will, but it can often intensify situations.

Some of the issues may have been buried so deep within our subconscious mind that at times, we may even forget in our conscious state of mind that they exist, but they are still there and will re-appear from time to time creating negative symptoms. It is now a time to look back over the year, or perhaps even over the years, and bring to your conscious mind what it is that you need to let go of.

Some of you may find this hard to do, especially with certain things that have caused pain, and some are not quite ready to let go, as this can be in a way a comfort zone. Others will say, “Letting go of what”? Whatever you may have been holding on to that no longer serves a purpose in your life anymore, anything that may have held you back from the past until this present moment in time. It is now the time to let go!

If you are not too sure about what it is that you really need to let go of, then find a nice comfortable and quiet space in your home; somewhere you will not be disturbed and relax.Allow your subconscious mind to take over without trying to control it, as your subconscious mind knows all and is connected to the universe.

Once you are relaxed, or in a meditative state, then ask the universe what is it that you need to let go of? You will receive an answer at some point, the more you are in tune and aware of your higher – ‘self,’ the sooner you will receive the answers to your questions!This is an important factor with the Law of Attraction and how it all works, as it will be difficult to bring the things that we would like to have into our lives, when a part of us is still stuck in the past, we now need to free ourselves and release these chains.

Even though we may wish for things in the future, the Law of Attraction works in the present, as the only time is now and now it is time to work in the present. If you are ready to let go of what no longer serves a purpose in your life anymore, then take the courage to do so now, whatever that may be.

It is only fear that holds us back and fear itself is the greatest fear!We are all the results of our past, and whatever we are creating in our life now is shaping the future.I wish you all a Happy New Year and may you find balance and harmony within your lives.With blessings from Gary Markwick.



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