Leo Astrological Sign

Period: 24 July – 23 August
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Symbol: The Lion
Leo Lucky Day :  Sunday
Leo Lucky Numbers: 1, 24, 40, 28, 38, 22
Leo Lucky Colors :  Gold, Orange, White, Red
Leo Lucky Birthstone : Peridot

About the Leo Astrological Sign

The Leo sign symbol is a curving line representing the lion’s mane, the symbolic animal belonging to this sunny, summer sign. Some important Leo astrological sign characteristics are feline in nature – the proud, graceful bearing; the need for rest followed by intense activity; the sensual love of pleasure and playful qualities. The lion’s roar, too, can be easily imagined when an angry Leo finally lets off steam.

Enjoy 2016 best horoscope/star signs for Leo horoscope today, Leo weekly horoscope and Leo monthly horoscope. Courtesy of our wonderful Astrologer Patrick Arundell and Freeastrology123.

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