How to Awaken Kundalini in 5 Simple Steps

If you’re interested in spirituality, read about psychic or mystic powers, or have an active spiritual life, chances are you have heard of the kundalini and the kundalini energy – and for good reason. Kundalini is in all of us, including the newest souls among us, or the ones whom seem evil, waiting to be awakened for the good of humanity and for our own spiritual evolution.

Metaphorically known as the “kundalini serpent,” this energy lies dormant and coiled at the base of our first chakra, in the perineum, the area between the genitals and the anus. It’s where the world enters us. When we take that energy upwards to our crown, it gets transformed along the way, and transforms us in the process as well, and meets with God. Earth and heaven become one in us – this is what is kundalini awakening.

Some call the first (root) chakra the kundalini chakra as this is where this enormous psychic and spiritual energy reservoir is. But an awakened kundalini can easily be blocked in any other chakra, on its way up, as it strives to reach our crown. A basic review of each chakra can help you identify where you have blocks: first chakra, second chakra, third chakra, fourth chakra, fifth chakra, sixth chakra, seventh chakra.

The kundalini spirit is in all of us, even if you have never felt it, located it, or experienced it. The experience takes place in our aura level and is deeply felt in the physical level, as well. The human soul has two more levels beyond the aura (the level of intention, what Barbara Brennan calls the “hara line,” and the center of our soul, what Brennan calls the “core star,” – it’s where our soul enters and leaves our body.


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To awaken your kundalini, here are five simple steps you can take.

1. Preparation

The kundalini is energy too powerful. There are stories of people losing their minds or emotional balance after their kundalini awakened. So it is super important to be spiritually, emotionally, and physically prepared. Physical preparation is perhaps the easiest – eating well in general, exercising, doing yoga or simple stretching, or even just taking walks everyday are good ways to prepare the body for a new rush of energy.

Many teachers say a vegetarian diet prepares the body better for the kundalini process, and hastens its arrival. Others say it can help but it also depends on your elemental makeup – check out your ayurveda and dosha (elements – how much water, earth, fire, and air you have in your body and soul) before you decide to change your diet (also, always ask your doctor!)

2. Meditation

Meditation is a must in the kundalini journey. It’s so crucial that it deserves its own section here, and not be part of number one above. Meditation can prepare you emotionally and spiritually, as it can help create distance between you and those emotions that destabilize you. What I mean by distance is not disconnection or avoidance. What I mean is experiencing those emotions from a less personal place. Understanding that they are all just part of being human, even the most difficult and negative emotions. Let them come, and let them go, with ease.

Mindfulness meditation is perhaps the best meditation style to prepare for kundalini but you can also try guided meditations or mantra meditations. Check with yourself and see what resonates for you in this moment in time.

3. Patience

You can’t force the kundalini to rise. Knowing how to receive, being receptive is a skill many of us have forgotten. Kundalini itself is an active, masculine energy – but to experience it one has to be in a peaceful, feminine state. One should be able to open himself or herself to this energy, to receive it, like a relaxed confident womb receives good sperm.

Don’t try to force the energy by breathing into the first chakra area – you can breathe into the first chakra as part of breathing exercises but your intention should be bringing yourself health – physical, emotional, spiritual etc. but not to force awaken the kundalini. You might be like a house not ready to withstand earthquakes – don’t bring it on unless your structure is ready.

4. Familiarization

You might want to familiarize yourself with this energy deeper by reading awakening stories. There are many books on it and web resources including articles such as this one and videos by teachers you can watch for free.

Many psychics have their kundalini awake – sometimes from birth and sometimes from later in life. Many spiritual teachers and gurus too, but don’t take their word for it. There is a certain serenity, a certain depth in the eyes of kundalini-awakened people. Look for that. Talk to these people, spend time with them, enjoy their presence and energy – its power and positivity will affect you.

5. Consistency and persistence

Try to be as consistent and persistent in your self-care and spiritual practice – meditating one day and then skipping it for ten won’t bring you to a level of spiritual stability required for a healthy kundalini awakening. Or meditating for two months might not make you ready – you might need two years of practice or maybe ten. You need to dedicate yourself to it, and patiently wait for its arrival.


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Why even bother?

If you’re thinking why bother do all this? Why is it even worth it? Think of kundalini awakening as an upgrade to your soul – switching you from Soul V01 to V02 – it brings resilience, heart strength, psychic openness, and a heightened capacity to manifest your dreams in the world. It’s worth every meditation you do for it.

Some say it’s one step before enlightenment. Like a stopover you must make. It prepares the system to be much stronger, psychically able, and spiritually open. It connects your ego to your soul so there’s no more a separation, no more mind-heart separations. It connects you with other worlds and you sense, see, and even talk with your spirit guides.

Some people are already awakened as they come to this world. Awakened kundalini symptoms include a general above-average spiritual maturity, calm and resilience in the face of difficulties, psychic abilities, strong sense of spirituality, and sometimes being too open to influences – or feeling into people and situations too much. If this doesn’t get out hand, it can be a useful skill.

Kundalini awakening is every bit worth it. With simple meditation, yoga, and self-care, you too can prepare yourself for this magnificent change. It opens the door to a new journey, one that is much more meaningful than what you’ve been experiencing till now. It brings light to all the dark places and makes you feel much more connected to the spirit world and God.

By making small changes to your routine, and by being persistent about it, you too can transform not just your life but your very soul from a deep place. Review the state of your chakra with a psychic or by meditating on each chakra and start by creating a wholesome, healthy auric system that can withstand the life-changing kundalini transformation. In the end, it’ll be worth every effort.

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