Kate Winslet Tarot Reading

Actress and singer Kate Winslet is known for her starring roles in Titanic, The Reader and Divergent. She is the youngest person to date to win 6 (yes, 6) Oscars. In 2012, she married Ned Rocknroll and last December gave birth to her youngest child; Bear Blaze Winslet.
The first card that appeared in Kate’s spread was The World. It appears in the part of the spread which explores how Kate is feeling now. The World is always a positive card, and let me tell you, this card means that Kate is feeling good with a capital ‘G’. You could even say she is feeling on top of the world. Kate believes she is fully in control of her life and is just where she wants to be. Furthermore, she can clearly see the way ahead, so any future plans she makes should go smoothly. This is the moment when Kate can reap the rewards that are her due and, I think she is still celebrating the birth of Bear. She may need to be a little cautious though, all this celebrating and sense of her own gifts and abilities could cause Kate to get big headed and careless, but if she avoids that, has little to fear.
Her second card is the Two of Swords and this concerns her relationships. You might be thinking how can the grumpy suit of swords appear in her reading after all I’ve just said? Well, these swords aren’t quite as mean and moody as usual. They imply that Kate is so wrapped up with her family that she may be excluding other people from her life and that she needs to engage with the outside world more.
When it comes to cash, Kate has dash, if the Two of Staves in the fiscal part of her chart are being frank. As we’ve seen, Kate is feeling confident and this card shows her confidence includes all things monetary. Nevertheless, she might like to listen to some sage words from someone who is money savvy and not assume she knows it all.
Yet, another ‘two’ appears in this part of her reading. In this case it refers to her career. The Two of Cups implies that Kate will soon find a creative partner who’ll help her to produce some outstanding work which will receive plaudits and provide a big box-office bonanza for all concerned. This platonic relationship could see her falling in love with her chosen career all over again.
The Eight of Staves materialized in the health sector of Kate’s reading. This indicates that she is generally well. In some ways, by the end of the year she will be almost too full of energy and this could mean she neglects regular health related appointments such as dental treatments. Whilst her health will not suffer, it is a reminder that she must remember her own needs.
Somehow it always seems a bit of a cheat when the Tarot cards tell me a celebrity is going on a journey, well, it is almost a given when you think of what their job entails, but in this case the cards are more informative. The final card I pulled for Kate was the Fool and, yes, this does mean she is going on a journey, but there is much more to it than that. I think Kate will travel in relation to something she is filming rather than for pleasure, but either way it will be very important to her. The trip that Kate will embark on will be a bit more risky and uncomfortable than is normal for ‘A’ List stars. People might even question if it is a safe journey to make at all, and it will see Kate visiting a very unusual location. Despite the issues surrounding her trip, Kate will find it worthwhile. She will come home with a new take on the world around her and may find that her adventure leads to some exciting spiritual developments too.
Kate seems to be in a happy ‘can do’ frame of mind and it seems to be justified. However, she still needs to keep her toes on terra firma. Kate is likely to find someone who can help her scale the creative heights and give her work a whole new lease of life. Nevertheless, her most magical moment this year will be the result of a trip which opens her eyes to a whole new world.

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