Karmic relationship signs and lessons

Sometimes when you meet someone special, it feels like love at first sight, like you can’t live without this person. Then, over time, you fall into patterns of boredom. The relationship can even become toxic, abusive, or unhealthy. Although the relationship changes, many people stay together because they fear the unknown. This is called a karmic relationship.

Do you want to know if you are meant to be with your partner or secret crush? Astrologers can read your birth natal chart to uncover secrets about your love life based on the stars and planets. You can discover the valuable karmic lessons hidden in the cosmos about your relationship — that is if you know how to recognize the signs. 

What is a karmic relationship?

Karmic relationships can appear at any time, any duration, and in any form. You will feel a powerful, instant connection with someone you have just met. Some call it love at first sight. Others feel like they knew this person from a past life. You will feel it in your body, your chest, and your gut, like this person has something special to offer. 

Living a meaningful life involves learning important lessons. Karmic relationships help each of us understand those lessons, through love and growth. Once we learn those lessons, that means it’s time to let go and walk away from those relationships. 

But oftentimes, people become attached and afraid to walk away, even after a karmic relationship has run its course. This can prevent you from moving on to the next chapter of growth and may even cause more pain and trauma. 

Signs that you’re in a karmic relationship

To identify karmic relationship symptoms in your life, take a step back and evaluate the signs. Look for the following to recognize if you have found a karmic mate:

  • An instant connection

When you meet a karmic mate, it can feel like love at first sight. You may feel like you instantly know the other person, without having a chance to get to know them. You feel a strong connection almost immediately.

  • Repeated patterns

Once a karmic relationship has run its course, both people can no longer serve each other. This can lead to repeating the same patterns. The relationship feels stagnant. Deep down, both people feel ready to walk away but afraid of the unknown. 

  • Selfish behavior

Karmic mates do no respect healthy boundaries and often behave selfishly. Partners tend to serve their own self-interests. Sometimes this can develop into dishonest, codependent, or abusive patterns. The relationship may feel off balance, with one person more invested than the other.

  • Controlling 

In a karmic connection, one of the partners may try to control the other person through verbal or physical abuse and manipulation. A partner may expect the other person to follow their demands, only see certain people, or set rigid rules in the relationship.

  • Obsessive or addictive 

Karmic relationships could develop into addictive patterns or obsession with the other person. A partner may say things like “I can’t live without you” or “I’d die without you”. 

  • They bring out the worst in you

Do you feel like your partner brings out the worst in you? You may be in a karmic relationship if you feel like the other person brings out feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, and sadness. Think of the famous quote that says that when you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation. 

How to heal from a karmic relationship?

Coming out of a toxic karmic relationship can leave you in a lot of pain and even trauma. A bad karma connection can cause a lot of wounds that take time to heal. You may have experienced years of fighting, abuse, neglect, and other negative patterns.

Karma love refers to the patterns we develop over many lifetimes. You have found yourself in a karmic relationship because you still need to learn a lesson from a previous life. Rather than block out the relationship, take the time you need to heal and grow. In this way, you will break the karmic cycle and raise to a higher vibration.

Sometimes, people have a hard time realizing the patterns in their own lives and how to break the karmic cycles. But if you feel ready for karmic relationship healing and move forward, speak to an experienced psychic advisor who can help understand the karmic patterns and how you can move forward and find love.

Remember that no one is perfect. After a breakup, you may feel quick to blame the other person for everything. But we are all meant to learn lessons in this journey of life. Karmic relationships may feel like a big waste of time, but actually, you can take those negative emotions and allow them to make you stronger, to learn new lessons, and to progress into a more enlightened spiritual being.

What’s the difference between a karmic relationship and a soulmate?

Most of the time, when people talk about the ideal romance, they think of soulmates. When two people meet, they fall in love, and live happily ever after. But as many who have dated know, love doesn’t always work that way. But that doesn’t mean that those relationships don’t matter. There is a difference between soul tie vs soul mate.

According to astrology, people encounter two types of romantic relationships: karmic mates and soulmates. Soulmates share a deep connection and unbreakable bond that can last a lifetime. 

Karmic mates are different. Karmic mates enter our lives to teach us a lesson. Once they serve their purpose, those relationships eventually come to an end.


Soulmates share the strongest bond between two people. They love each other based on a divine magnetism, predicted by the stars and planets.

Contrary to what many say, people do not have one soulmate. Sometimes soulmates will meet at a young age and stay together for a lifetime. But other times, soulmates must go on their journey on their own. They may pass away or continue on their own in this journey of life. Whichever the case, soulmates are destined to meet. They continue to support each other through past lives and onward.

Karmic mates

Karmic mates help us learn life lessons and finish the business of the soul. Karmic relationships astrology can feel powerful but also passionate and tumultuous. They test people to the very core and often bring out painful, negative parts of our being. But through this process, we grow and become stronger. 

What does astrology have to do with Karmic relationships?

Over the centuries, expert astrologers have developed ways to interpret the stars and planets. Through astrology and our natal birth chart, we can uncover the secrets of the universe in all matters — especially when it comes to love.

Experienced astrologers can look at your natal chart to understand the position of the personal planets and how you deal with relationships. Personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant lord, and the Ascendant) reveal secrets about your most important relationships. They conjunct the other partner’s South Node. 

An astrologer could know the following examples by looking at a natal chart:

  • If one of the personal planets are conjunct in the South Node at 7 to 8 degrees, this indicates two people shared an important relationship in their past life, and they still need to fulfill a purpose in each other’s current lifespan.
  • What if the personal planets of one partner conjunct, square or opposite the natal Saturn of the other within 8-9 degrees? This means that Saturn reveals an area of conflict between the two during a past life which they still need to resolve. This type of relationship may have a lot of resentment and pain.
  • One of the partner’s personal planets sits in the 12th house of the other. This reveals a deep connection between the two people. However, one person feels like they always owe something to the other. In this type of karmic relationship, a partner needs to pay a karmic debt to the other from a previous life.

What do the stars say about you and your partner? Speak to a top-rated psychic who can read the secrets of your natal chart.

So, what type of relationship are you in?

Do you feel unsure whether or not you should stay in your relationship? Maybe you’ve met your karmic soulmate but you need guidance. Understanding love and relationships can get confusing. Sometimes you get a gut feeling like you need to leave a karmic partner in order to meet your soulmate.

Ready to discover the secrets of the universe and find out if you are in a karmic relationship? You probably already know your zodiac sign but don’t know the wisdom you can gain from this information.

Your birth chart can tell you whether you are compatible with your partner or secret crush. But you can also learn hidden secrets about your karmic bond by looking at Venus— the planet that rules love and how you deal with relationships. 

Love astrology is far too complex to explain in a few paragraphs – every person has a unique karmic birth compatibility chart. If you still have unanswered questions about love and relationships, find the answers you seek. Speak to a top-rated astrologer for answers.

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