How to Bring True Spiritual Love into Your Life

There’s a new movement around the world, a growing spiritual movement created, followed, fostered, and led by people who are seeking more than surface achievements, expected life goals, and narcissistic ideals. They want depth, meaning, inner fulfilment, spiritual awakening and love – true, unconditional, all-accepting love both toward themselves and others.

There are many holistic centers, yoga and meditation retreats, psychic and spiritual communities, Goddess circles, as well as social media groups that brings together people from all corners of the world, people who know something more must exist beyond what they see around them day in and day out.

These people want to do more than what their ancestors and parents did, not necessarily in terms of making money or buying things. Instead, they wonder about things like, how to find love with spirituality, what is a spiritual love, what is the meaning of spiritual relationship etc. They worry about dating a spiritual person, bringing enough healing into their lives in order to manifest a spiritually based romantic relationship whether it’s a spiritual relationship with a man, a woman, straight or gay, monogamist or open. They want to find what their souls need.

If you are reading this article, chances are you too are also going through some form of an inner revolution. You want to be more alive in your body and you want to live in a world that cherishes this kind of aliveness. You are seeking people who understand that our bodies are just as spiritual and that our spirituality can be just as physical – for example, taking the time to make ourselves a nourishing salad can be a sign of a higher form of self-love.You want to find a deeper purpose.

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Relationships: Spiritual or Not

If your family environment did not cultivate deep, meaningful, all accepting spiritual relationships among its members, chances are you don’t have a template to do it now, as an adult. If you are like most people, your parents were “too human,” and made many mistakes. They might have been abusive at times; they might have even made grave mistakes. None of this means you, as a grown person, can’t have the type of nourishing relationships that you want. It just means it won’t be automatic; that it will require awareness and some healing work.

So, even at the very start, how do you know if you are spiritually connected to someone? You can tell by the level of impact they have on you. Sometimes you meet someone, you have a good time, but your subconscious waters are just as peaceful when you come home as they were before you met this person. At other times, you meet a person and afterwards you feel impacted – positively or negatively – you feel like there are waves in your subconscious oceans. Something shifted. You feel moved, touched, changed – maybe happier or just upset or angry.

Regardless of whether you are having a positive or a negative reaction, know that this person has touched something in you. Sometimes the negative turns into the positive, and vice versa, and so don’t be too quick to walk away from this person. If a person or an encounter with them moves things in you, try to stay and realize what it is exactly that’s happening in your psyche. You might access great secrets about yourself.

spiritual romanceSpiritual Romance

There are two types of spiritual romance and generally the first kind precedes the second kind. When we’re young, perhaps as a teenager or in our twenties, we fall in love with someone who we feel a tremendous connection with and everything they say or do impacts us. This is the first kind – the kind that isn’t conscious. The kind that our psyche subconsciously picks. Sometimes this is just one person, and at other times we date different people, but they treat us all the same.

These are people who treat you the way your parents did. You date them, in a fashion called repetition compulsion, until you go deeper into yourself – this is the point when many people turn to counselors, psychics, therapists, advisors, books, yoga, meditation, self-help etc. to understand why they do what they do. Showing up for help takes great courage – which is why so many people prefer repeating patterns rather than going deeper.

As you start to work on yourself, you begin to change. Perhaps you had low self-esteem before and picked narcissists to go out with. Or you experienced violence growing up and your lovers were overly aggressive or unbearably dominant. See the connection? But now you’re changing and is your love life. You are beginning to attract better healed, more evolved people – which brings you to the second kind of spiritual connection, the kind that requires awareness and work.

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Second Chance at Love

When you find yourself dating people who are better suited for you and who treat you with love, care, and respect, and you feel that you have a deep connection, try to be as open as possible. This isn’t someone who wants to use your vulnerability against you. This isn’t someone who will hold your weaknesses against you. They are on your side, they want to be on the same team with you.

But still, they are just another human being with shortcomings and they make mistakes. As long as you are open with each other, there’s nothing that can’t be overcome. Your task is to let your partner know that this is the type of relationship you want. They might be a better match for you – make sure they are interested in a committed relationship as well. They might be a wonderful person but maybe they are not ready for something serious.

Not sure what the next steps are?

Relationships are complicated – even the spiritual, aware ones. Life has many facets and throws many surprises our way. You can take time to meditate and slow down as often as you can, to be able to see things better, from a calmer place. You can talk to your partner, and if things are really difficult, you can go to couples therapy. As long as there’s love between you, everything can be resolved.

Another way you can understand your relationship and its karmic significance is by talking to a psychic. An astrologer, for example, can map your and your partner’s natal charts and compare them to see if you’re meant to be together – they see what you want out of life, what you expect to experience in life, including the influences you bring from past lives, what you experienced in this life, and your relationship with the future. They can tell you which life areas need work – or will need work in the future and help you to prepare yourself and your relationship.

Psychics use different methods – rune casting, crystal ball, Tarot cards, pendulum, mediumship etc. A love psychic might be using any one of these methods but regardless of their method, they can give you deep insights and predictions that might really help improve your relationship and be prepared for potential scenarios.

A good love psychic can tell you if you are repeating a pattern or if you’ve moved beyond all that and are now experienced a more conscious, deeper relating style. Don’t be hard on yourself if things haven’t turned out the way you wanted yet – it’s sad that things haven’t worked out the way you wanted but it’s very nice to see you look into it and start to change things. Ultimately this is what matters.

Sometimes when you look around all you see is happy family portraits, but you can never what’s happening inside a relationship. So, don’t compare yourself with those people in your family, circle of friends, or with people at work, because you’ll never know the truth, the real essence of what they have. Your task is to focus on your life and what you want, without judging yourself, bringing self-love into the equation, so you can move beyond repeating patterns and create the kind of conscious relationship you want.

Before your psychic reading

It always helps to list your questions before your reading. What is it you’d like to know about yourself, your partner, your relationship and your future? Be specific. And instead of asking yes/no questions, go for open-ended ones. This will give your psychic the ability to give you details.


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