How To Do A Tea Leaf Reading

The reading of tea leaves ( also known as Tasseography) , can be extremely intriguing and yet mystifying to some. Tea leaf reading has been around for centuries and is also one of the oldest forms of divination in astrology. It is performed by interpreting the symbols that gather on either side of the tea cup. The following article will show you how you can do your very own tea leaf reading for yourself or someone else today.

  1. Select a tea cup ( not a mug) and one that is wide, has slopes on the side and the interior should either be white or pale.
  2. Select fine tea leaves to use, as these work easier than bigger or larger ones when performing the reading.
  3. Find a quiet place , one where you will be undisturbed. You can either sit at a kitchen table or sit at a coffee or small table you have available. Some people like to place a table cloth on the table and even light a candle or incense, to help create a good ambiance.
  4. Say a little prayer to help clear the air and space of any bad energy.
  5. Begin to pour the tea and if pouring from a teapot, pour directly without straining the leaves.If you have placed the tea leaves directly into the teacup itself, simply pour the hot water over them.
  6. The person who is having the reading done, should be the one holding the tea cup and once the water has been poured onto the tea leaves and into their cup, they should hold the cup in the palm of their hands. Whilst doing this, the person inquiring should focus on a question. They can either say their question aloud, or keep it to themselves. It is extremely important for them to be precise in their question though.
  7. The person inquiring should wait until the tea is luke warm before drinking and make sure to leave a small portion of water behind in the tea cup, along with all of the tea leaves. Whilst consuming the tea, this is a great time for the inquirer to think about their question again and the longer they do this and hold those thoughts, it is believed that the reading will be more precise.
  8. The seeker should then pick up the cup with their left hand and swirl the residue 3 times in a clockwise direction , then place the cup back down.
  9. The cup should then be placed upside down on a saucer and as the seeker or inquirer is holding the edge of the cup , count to 7, whilst again thinking of the wish or question they are inquiring about.

The tea leaves will then be handed over to the reader to interpret. The interpretation is a specific process, as different leaf shapes have different symbolic meanings and interpretations. Find out in our next blog exactly what they mean and how you can interpret them for your very own tea leaf reading of your own.

Stay Tuned!

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