Virgo and Libra come together in a relationship and gel together quite nicely. Both signs enjoy security and can work together efficiently to create this. Both partners love structure in life and also enjoy beauty and art. They share a life for the finer things and have some extremely memorable and enjoyable experiences together, travelling, visiting museums and enjoying food and art. Libra needs to be careful not to be too manipulative of Virgo sometimes and Virgo needs to not be so judgemental of Libra. It is important for these two to understand each others different points of view and outlook on life. Libra can sometimes be too indecisive and yet Virgo loves to create momentum and keep projects and ventures going. Virgo can help Libra stay focused and be a guiding force for them in their lives. Virgo has high expectations in life and Libra may sometimes be perceived as lazy. Virgo needs to take the time to realize that people see the world in different ways and also have differernt ways of doing things. Libra and Virgo for the most part enjoy a wonderfully indulgent lifestyle together, that can be extremely secure and comforting if they both work at it.

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