Both Taurus and Virgo enjoy praticality and the smooth progression of life, so they can compliment each other quite well in a love affair. Both are sincere and quite devoted in love and both signs are also extremely sensitive in nature. Taurus is more sensual than Virgo and Virgo can actually often be quite shy in this area. Virgo is extremely analytical and Taurus is quite Stubborn. Virgo needs to be aware of criticizing Taurus's faults too often and Taurus needs to not take Virgo's criticisms to heart. Both signs enjoy materialism, yet they care more about creating a comfortable and stable environment long term in their lives. Taurus is all about romance , whereas Virgo is more worried about having great communication together. Taurus needs to learn to be more flexible and Virgo needs to learn to be more understanding and not so judgemental of Taurus. They share common goals, so if they do this, together they can build quite a strong and complimenting relationship.

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