A relationship between Taurus and Scorpio can be quite intense. Both are passionate and quite emotional signs. Both Taurus and Scorpio also have the tendency to be quite sensitive. The sensual feelings enjoyed betweem these two signs is quite passionate . Scorpio and Taurus are deep characters and their energy can either be creative and positive , or complex and negative. Both signs need to be aware constantly of where they are directing their energy. Both signs are quite stubborn and if they are not willing to be open to each other's point of view , it can be quite volatile in the relationship. If these two are willing to work together they can compliment each other nicely, as they both are seeking great security in their lives and work toward this common theme together. Both need to reassure each other that they are loyal and once they realize that they are both in it for the long term, their relationship will take on a whole new level, flourishing and providing them with a strong relationship together.

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