At first Taurus and Sagittarius begin quite a steamy affair, however for a relationship to last long term between these two signs, they need to learn the others needs. Sagittarius loves meeting new people and constantly having new experiences, whereas Taurus likes to spend their time and devotion on one person or thing. Taurus needs to learn to be more open to new things , otherwise they may be perceived by Sagittarius as being to rigid or dull. Taurus enjoys great security and may demand more stability in the relationship than Sagittarius is used to. Sagittarius needs to learn to reassure Taurus that they are sticking around , in order for Taurus to relax and create a more natural flow in the relationship. Taurus can provide Sagittarius some much needed passion and romance and if they are willing to accept each others differences, together they can create a stable and happy relationship together.

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