Taurus and Capricorn are quite practical and sensible in a relationship. Both are quite dedicated in their pursuits and are quite down to earth. Both set high standards in their lives, however Tauru's standards are more focused being love, home and secuirty and Capricorn's focus is more on wealth and security in career. Both of these signs need to be careful that the relationship doesn't become too routined and go stale. There is also a tendency that each may find the other to be quite conservative in areas of their lives. Capricorn may also begin to feel that Taurus is not ambitious enough in their professional and business life. Capricorn needs to enjoy pursuits outside of work and if they are willing to be more open, Taurus can show them the comforts of beauty, sensuality and pleasures in life, outside of work. Both enjoy luxuries, beauty in art and design and share a common bond about obtaining goals. If these two signs are willing to give a little and be more open, they can together create an extremely comfortable life and obtain long term goals.

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