Taurus and Cancer share a perhaps karmic bond in the Zodia and with this create meaningful bonds together , coupled with mutual understanding. Both partners are quite nurturing in character and seek security as their number one priority in life. Both Taurus and Cancer enjoy home life and or spending time and strengthening their relationships with loved ones and friends in their lives. Taurus and Cancer are quite emotional signs , however they display their emotions in very different ways. Cancer has a tendency to keep their emotions inside, whereas Taurus is quite open and will tell you how they are feeling and what they are thinking at any given time. Cancer appreciates Taurus's honesty however Taurus needs to be careful not to be so fixated one an opipion or idea and be willing and open to others thoughts and ideas. Cancer needs to express their emotions more freely, instead of potentially having mood swings which Taurus will see in a negative light. If both signs are willing to listen to each other , together they can become a stable and nurturing team.

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