Taurus and Aquarius can be quite a good match , if they are willing to work together! Taurus can often be quite sensible and uncoventional, whereas Aquarius is quite unconventional. At first glance, it may appear that these two signs have nothing in common, yet they both have a strong desire to get ahead and succeed. It has been said that these two signs make a better partnership in busines than they do in love. Both signs are quite opinionated and need to be careful to watch their tongue otherwise arguments may erupt. Aquarius is quite modern in their thinking and may also find Taurus to be quite conservative and boring. Taurus's character is quite nuturing and comforting and Aquarius is extremely vibrant and stimulating, so each person really can bring something uplfiting to each others lives. Once the obstacles are worked through, they both are unstoppable in achieving goals and can make a dynamic team.

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