When Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility comes together in life each partner is quite different with very different needs. Both partners are determined in life though, so if they have their sights set on each other there is definitely a way that they can work. Aquarius likes to be out in different social environments and crowds, whereas Scorpio although quite communicative enjoys more one on one time with their partner. Both Scorpio and Aquarius tend to be quite opinionated and will need to be careful not to tread on each others toes. Scorpio is always wondering where the relationship is going and will need constant reassurance from Aquarius who prefers more to go with the flow. If they are willing to appreciate their differences and learn from each other they will progress into a gratifying partnership. Aquarius can show Scorpio how to have more fun on a whim and Scorpio can show Aquarius depths of passion they have never known.

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