Libra and Aquarius together in love or a relationship can make a highly successful and compatible team. Both are intellectual characters and will enjoy many stimulating conversations together about life. Both love socializing and are always meeting new people, attending events and also pursuing multiple projects. Libra and Aquarius are energetic and enthusiastic, which is wonderful as each person constantly motivates and inspires the other. This relationship never gets boring because both signs are always creating and making plans for the future. Libra and Aquarius enjoy balance in their live and will strive to create such order in their lives. These two signs work well together in so many different facets in life and would succeed creating projects and ideas together not just in their relationship yet also in the outside world. They inspire others and can help create social change. Libra and Aquarius have big hearts and together make a wonderfully warm and inspirational team. Libra needs to be careful not to be so indecisive sometimes though and Aquarius not to take let downs so seriously and to move on and keep creating. If both partners continue to inspire each other they will have a long term and very successful relationship.

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