Gemini and Virgo need to take the time understand each others viewpoints and differences , in order for them to stand a chance at working in a relationship. Gemini may see Virgo as too critiquing and demanding and Virgo may feel that Gemini does not have or want enough stability in their life. Gemini feels that Virgo needs to be more free-thinking and not so critiquing. On a positive note, Virgo can help Gemini see the depth of an idea and how to bring it to fruition, rather than just scratching at the surface. Together with Virgo's practicality and the fact that they can offer each other much needed security, Gemini and Virgo if willing to work together can have a rewarding and satisfying relationship. Virgo needs to stop being so analytical and Gemini needs to realize that their innate intellectuality isn't always the answer for everything. Both signs have a tendency to be wishy washy and need to communicate effectively and work hard to achieve a level of compatibility with their relationship and their lives.

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