Gemini and Cancer compatibility together make a rather interesting relationship. Cancer is quite emotional and does not necessarily display their emotions well, whereas Gemini is all about clear communication. If these two partners are to work well in a relationship, Cancer will need to learn to be more vocal and work on their communication skills with their partner. Gemini is quite outgoing and Cancer more withdrawn, however Gemini can help Cancer come out of their shell and be more expressive in life. Cancer loves the warmth that home life brings and will do their best to protect Gemini. Cancer will need lot's of ressaurance from Gemini that their relationship is going well and once they believe it, they settle nicely and things go more smoothly. Cancer's emotions together with Gemini's intellect, can make for an extremely effective team and partnership, however Cancer will need to teach Gemini to slow down and enjoy the simpler things in life if Gemini and Cancer is to settle into a more long term type union.

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