Capricorn and Pisces in a love match is a unique blend that actually works. Both signs love to be in a loving relationship and both love helping the other toward their goals. There is a mutual admiration toward one another and Capricorn loves Pisces kind heart and nature. Pisces enjoys the practicality and wit of Capricorn. The relationship may be slow to take off, yet once it strengthens these two become quite supportive and loyal to each other. Both Capricorn and Pisces love indulging in material possessions and comforts and Capricorn loves creating a nice and comfortable home for the two. Capricorn is always creating and thinking up ideas and projects and if they get Pisces interested the two will work extremely well together. Capricorn teaches Pisces to follow through on projects and plans and Pisces teaches Capricorn to lighten up and be more flexible in life and plans. With Pisces intuition and Capricorns focus, this duo literally can create anything together.

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