Capricorn and Capricorn together in a relationship is quite a dedicated and successful union. Both partners enjoy structure and a firm foundation in life and this also adds to a healthy relationship. Both partners use their time to be practical and have similar tastes and interests which makes for a mutually beneficial relationship. Both are ambitious and like things done they way they want them to be done, so there is a tendency to butt heads from time to time. As long as this couple uses its energy toward achieving and creating together, they will find themselvese to be more happy and harmonious long term. Both are loving and devoted to the relationship and yet they are also loving and devoted to the needs of others in the world. These two can be found doing charity events or helping with projects and ventures that help the community and world at large. It's important for Capricorn and Capricorn to lighten up sometimes and to have fun and see the sillier side of life. They work hard and are often successful, however having fun and being lighthearted is good for their life to.

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