Aquarius and Pisces in a relationship or love match is extremely compatible. Both partners are highly creative and enjoy doing new things. Both Aquarius and Pisces are sincere and loyal partners and each have an enthusiasm and energy that is inspiring to their partner. Aquarius and Pisces are quite an empotional pair and it is important that they keep the lines of communication open and express to each other what they are feeling. Pisces tends to need more emotional support than Aquarius and Aquarius spends much of their thoughts on ideas. Conflict may arise between the two because of this, however it will never last two long as both signs like to avoid conflict whenever possible. Pisces is extremely intuitive and Aquarius has great ideas and together they can create some very inspiring things in life. Both signs are better at starting plans and projects rather than finishing them, so both need to take time and work hard to change this if they want to be successful together. Their common interests and enthusiastic nature makes for a really mutually beneficial relationship between these two. Aquarius enjoys Pisces compassion and Pisces enjoys Aquarius's extremely innovative mind. These two individuals make an ideal couple in so many different ways.

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