Aquarius and Aquarius in a relationship is an extremely positive as each partner is extremely passionate and all about helping others in the world. This couple gets along so well and loves communicating about ideas and plans together. These two are always out and about , engaging in projects or socializing with others, that they do need to be weary about spending quality time at home with just each other. Once Aquarius and Aquarius gets an idea they move with it and are highly productive, however they need to be careful not to be too rigid and stubborn and instead work at helping each other. This duo is usually successful in life and they love surrounding themselves with other individuals who are driven and goal orientated in life. Aquarius and Aquarius needs to make time to spice up their relationship every now and then and not always be focused on work and their plans to get ahead . It is important for each partner to take time to enjoy the here and now and to enjoy the strengths in their partner.

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