Hilary Swank Tarot Reading

Million Dollar Baby star Hilary Swank has recently appeared in the Tommy Lee film The Homesman, in which she plays Mary Bee Cuddy who takes three mentally ill women across 1850s America. Hilary, who already has two Oscars under her belt, famously walked into controversy when she attended a birthday party for the Chechen President Raman Kadyrov in 2011. I asked the Tarot what is next for the 40-year-old star.

The first card I picked was the Six of Pentacles, and this appeared in the part of the spread which deals with Hilary’s mood and general situation. The Six of Pentacles is associated with generosity and patronage which suggests Hilary is in a generous mood at the moment. This could mean that she is about to find herself more deeply involved in charitable concerns such as fund raising. Equally, she could be in mentoring mode, which is great news if you are an aspiring star. The Six of Pentacles is not all sweetness and light though, and it warns the subject of the reading to ensure that they are acting for the right reasons, rather than as a means to gain kudos or control. Furthermore, it points to the risk that others may take advantage of our good nature, so Hilary needs to be wary of attracting too many hangers on.

The next card refers to relationships, in particular those that will be important over the next twelve months. In Hilary’s case I picked the King of Rods. According to tradition he is a man with reddish brown hair. However, I prefer to use the cards to tell me about the individual’s psyche rather than gender. I would argue that the person who is about to play a major role in Hilary’s life is someone who is energetic, exciting, charismatic, theatrical and enjoys being centre stage. Even better, they have the talents necessary to hold such a position.


The part of Hilary’s reading connected to finance is inhabited by the Eight of Cups. This tells me that Hilary is financially secure (no surprises there) but that for now, materialism is not uppermost in her mind. Instead, she is interested in the more spiritual aspects of  life and it could well be that she hands in her Hollywood keys and heads off to an ashram in the back of beyond for a while at least. Eventually, she may find herself drawn to a more artistic, if less commercial project, but this is further in the future.

Some readings just fall into place, and as I said earlier, this is one of those. For the part of Hilary’s reading connected to her career, I picked two cards which were stuck together, these were the Four of Swords and The High Priest. The High Priest refers to a spiritual path, usually one that is formally guided by someone such as a priest, rabbi or guru. The Four of Swords suggests a retreat and time spent away from the hurley-burley of modern life. Hilary would be well advised not to start any new projects for the time being; although this is only a temporary phase before she jumps back in the saddle again.

When it comes to matters of health, the appearance of The World in her spread suggests a gentle change. This and the other cards around it do not lead me to believe that Hilary will undergo any health scares, but rather that her attitude to what constitutes a healthy lifestyle will alter in some way. Thus, she may decide to change her diet, her exercise regime or take up a new health related discipline such as yoga or Pilates.

The last card represents Hilary’s likelihood of travel and it is the Three of Rods. Now, you don’t really need me to tell you famous folk travel, but Hilary is likely to make an important trip during the next year. Her trip will be to somewhere new, different and perhaps rather hard to get to, but she won’t be roughing it, this trip will be very well planned. The journey will open her mind to new ideas and ways of thinking and it will be a major part of her development as a person.

Hilary’s reading was very clear; spiritual matters will play a big part in her life for some time and she may even seem to drop off the radar for a while. Her fans will be relieved to know this will not be a permanent situation and she will return to our screens eventually.

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