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George Clooney once quoted as being ‘The Sexiest Man Alive’ first came to the attention of women around the world when he starred as hunky Dr Doug Ross in ER. After years of being a desirable bachelor boy, George is now reported as planning to tie the knot for the second time and is set to marry 36 year old British Human Rights Lawyer, Amal Alamuddin. They first met at a charity fundraising event last year through a mutual friend, where he then wooed her with flirty e-mails asking if ‘The hottest man in the world should meet with the hottest human rights lawyer in the world’, his charming wit winning her over. Astrologically an Eclipse falling on his Sun last year in May was sure to activate a major turning point in his life, meeting Amal a few months later.

George was born on 6th May in 1961 in Lexington, Kentucky, the Son of Journalist and TV presenter Nick Clooney, where George grew up around the stage and public spotlight. His first break coming from a minor part in a film about horse racing, which although subsequently never screened, from that moment George was captivated by the big screen. He took off for Hollywood in 1982 with only $300 Dollars in his pocket and a beat up rusty 1976 Monte Carlo. However, Hollywood was tougher than anticipated where he lived in a room no bigger than a broom cupboard, and took bitty parts in ‘The Golden Girls’ and ‘Roseanne,’ until his big break in ER in 1994. That year his progressed Venus came closer to his Ascendant, and Jupiter close to his MC, a sure sign of success.

George, born a double Earth Sign with his Sun in sensuous Taurus, ruled by Venus giving him his good looks, and a Capricorn Moon at a millionaire’s degree in this practical, hardworking Sign. Although, success would not have come without a good deal of hard work, but eventually his destiny was set in stone. Being doubly earthy also gives him a good head for business, but essentially he is a little shy in nature, covering this up with his wit, symbolised by Mercury positioned close to his Natal Sun. His Sun is also positioned in his Second House of personal fortune, where he would earn and gain his own wealth and stardom.

George has a Pisces Ascendant ruled by Neptune which is placed in his Eighth House of other people’s money. So acting was a good choice for him, guaranteeing recognition, but care should be taken to avoid deception around joint assets. Pisces presently transiting his Ascendant and conjunct his Chiron may witness him being more romantic than usual, but he may not be seeing the full picture in relationships at present, desiring perfect love? Also he has his natal Venus opposing Neptune where he generally does not see people as they really are romantically. However, transiting Uranus also conjunct his Natal Venus may bring unexpected and unusual love interests, sweeping him off his feet for a change. Once these transits have past he may be left wondering how all this happened!

His Natal Venus in Aries enjoys the chase, but once he has captured his desired object of affection he may then become bored and tired of the relationship. He also has his Natal Mars opposing his Saturn and Moon, where he may off set any deep insecurities with sexual advances, not liking deep commitments. However, transiting Pluto slowly approaching his natal Moon and Saturn by transit may require him to question his deep down needs and make necessary adjustments to overcome them, sooner rather than later. He also has his progressed Jupiter on his Ascendant along with the Moon and Saturn ensuring changes around his home, long term commitments and legal contracts.

Jupiter presently in Cancer has also been transiting his Fifth House of love affairs, bringing this fun filled love into his life, and now enters Leo, the Sign ruling children. While, his progressed Sun has also been passing through his Fifth House, so a dual helping of excitement has been laid out in the stars. We may even hear the patter of tiny feet and surprise fatherhood. If not, all his energies will instead be directed towards new work initiatives, where Clooney may advance further in the political arena, as Saturn is soon moving into Sagittarius where it will then conjunct Clooney’s MC. One thing is for sure if the sexy bachelor has finally been tamed, there will be a few broken hearts left behind worldwide.

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