How to find your spirit animal

 Are you looking for a quick spirit animal quiz or a spirit animal list to find the quickest (but not necessarily the most accurate) answer to your question: what is my spirit animal guide? Stop. Like most spiritual subjects, this is a truly deep, fascinating, completely important, and highly nuanced subject. It would greatly serve you and anyone else to understand why and how our spirit animals matter – perhaps more than our past lives.

Our spirit animals matter for a few reasons. We each have one spirit animal that defines the very lessons we’ve come to this world to learn – lessons that are lifelong, that come our way to be life-changing, to impact us in a soul-changing way. Each animal embodies specific aspects of the universal consciousness – not one animal is better, prettier, or more important than another in the soul level.

In the human level, the way we have been trained to understand beauty, we might think that a peacock is prettier than a cockroach and so we might assume that having the peacock as our spirit animal is cooler than having the “nasty” roach. (Watch how this wise little girl disagrees with that assumption – she loves playing with her roaches).

The cockroach embodies surviving terribly difficult situations, even thriving through challenges and obstacles. If you have the roach as your spirit totem, you could be in a war zone, or find yourself in the middle of a terrorist attack, and you’d be more likely than anyone else to find a way to not just survive but also become a better, stronger person – the type of person who’d perhaps start an NGO for children, work with vulnerable populations, or write a book about your life, help others, and turn your bad experiences into gems. See how amazing the roach spirit teacher can be?


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Spirit animal meaning – an example

Your spirit animal could be the horse, the spider, the tiger, the snake, the eagle, or even an extinct species. It could also be extremely specific – instead of ‘the spider,’ it can be the Black Widow or Tarantula. Once you know what your spirit animal is, what you need to pay attention is not what the animal looks like, what its colors are etc. You need to understand, instead, how that animal lives – that is your key to understanding your own life lessons.

Let’s look at the Black Widow, for example. She is a solitary animal. She could be anywhere in the world and she’d still have her web weaving abilities. She would still be able to “make a living” by creating new webs. She is amazing at waiting and trusting the universe once she has her web – trusting that food will come. You don’t see her getting stressed out about it. And if this web doesn’t work out, then she creates another one. One way or another, she knows she will be fine.

Black Widow female is larger than the Black Widow male. If you’re a woman with a Black Widow spirit animal totem, you probably attract “small” men. You’re the provider, you take care of most things, and you make the decisions. Your partner is like a parasite – he doesn’t know how to weave a web i.e. he doesn’t know how to make a living, he just comes to your web and steals from you. Once there are children, he doesn’t change. He is a weak figure. Which is why, by the way, the Black Widow female eats him in Nature – this isn’t an equal partner. He is a burden. Better get him out of the picture.

If you are a woman with a Black Widow totem, you can find yourself anywhere in the world and you’d find a way to make a good living. You are good at making connections and you are also good at trusting the universe, that it will bring you what you need. You’re a very skilled, talented, independent person. People admire you – you could be the poster-woman for the feminist movement. Your love life, unfortunately, isn’t poster-worthy. That’s where your life lesson lies – you need to examine your beliefs about men.

For LGBTQ, please note that by “women” and “men,” we mean feminine and masculine “energies.” It isn’t about the sex of the body one is in or one’s gender – it’s about the energy one embodies. If you have a very balanced feminine-masculine energy, you are very unlikely to have the Black Widow as your totem.  Black Widow embodies an incredibly powerful feminine energy and very weak masculinity.


Your spirit animal and your life lesson

Each animal embodies unique powerful qualities. Once you know your own spirit animal, pay attention to the following: Is it a pack animal or a loner? What is it good at? How does it survive and make its living? Are there big differences between its male and female partners? Do they mate for life? Does the father stay once mating occurs? Does this animal work tirelessly or takes long breaks? How does this animal enjoy life? What types of temperatures or environments does it prefer? Remember it’s not about how pretty or majestic the animal is. It’s about the way it lives, its life qualities. That’s where your life lesson lies.


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Find your true spirit animal

Ready to find your spirit animal? Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • Is there a certain animal you recurrently dream about?
  • Do you see the same animal or its pictures in different places? E.g. a notebook with an elephant on the cover, a table cloth with elephants on it, news about elephants in your news feed etc.
  • Do you feel moved in some deep level when you come across this animal?
  • Do your personality and ways of life match with this animal’s characteristics, environment, and the way it lives?
  • Can you see yourself becoming this animal in another life?

You might already know your spirit animal by answering these questions. Once you’re on this quest, your animal will try to find ways to show itself to you – through dreams or coincidences.

If it’s still not clear, try not to go for shortcuts or quizzes. You can talk to a spiritual advisor or a psychic and explore which can be your spirit animal. Take the time to understand who you are and who your spirit animal is. Take the time to understand what you might need to learn from your spirit animal – cherishing your innate talents and learning new ways.


Finding the right psychic

To find the right online psychic, just check out their ratings and reviews. Click on their profile and learn about their talents and experiences. Many websites give you several free minutes with live psychics – you can also use this time to find out if your selected psychic can help you find your spirit animal. You can also get to know your psychic a little bit before getting a paid reading.

After your reading, don’t forget to rate and review your psychic – it’ll help others make better-informed decisions. List what worked and what didn’t and if your psychic was able to help you or not. Best of luck!


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