Fifi Geldof Tarot Reading

Normally someone who avoids too much publicity, Fifi Geldof has been grabbing the headlines since she recently gave interviews regarding her experience of clinical depression. Fifi, 31, is the eldest child of Bob Geldof and Paula Yeats, and sister to Peaches Geldof who died earlier this year.

I began the spread by choosing a card to represent Fifi. In this case, The World sprang from the pack and landed at my feet, this means the card is particularly important to this reading. The moment I picked the card up I got a strong sense of someone with great latent potential. I am sure Fifi could move into any arena she wanted and be assured of great success. Sadly, Fifi seems to undervalue herself and I feel so many potential options may have left her unsure of what to do. Yet, Fifi has the world at her feet. As I turned the card over I felt a great sense of sorrow, this is unsurprising in view of her health and the issues she has recently faced. She would be wise to remember that she has already been able to address these problems, at least to some extent, and that this implies when her sorrows fade, she will be capable of making the world her oyster.

The second card I picked was the Eight of Cups. This suggests Fifi is entering a new phase in her emotional life. She is trying to put the past behind her and move on. This new approach may mean Fifi has to ditch some past companions, but the sacrifice will be worth it. This card implies Fifi is beginning to realise there is a brighter future out there for her and will begin to develop a new sense of commitment and establish new values. She may also explore a different spiritual path with interesting results.

The Five of Staves brings its fiery influence to Fifi’s finances, and not for the better. Cash is likely to cause quarrels and a finance related fracas could see Fifi feeling falsely cast as a fiend. In fact, Fifi is not at fault at all, the cause of the problem is more likely to be the result of petty behaviour rooted in jealousy.

The enigmatic Hanged Man appears in the part of Fifi’s reading revolving around her career, so she could find a new career opportunity opens for her. Curiously, this career is not an obvious one for her to choose and it will certainly raise some eyebrows. The Hanged Man also suggests she may have to sacrifice something to make room for this golden chance to manifest itself. Could it be she will have to sacrifice her old self-image for something more positive (remember how talented The World said she was but how she also needed to lose negative aspects of her self-image and ‘go for it’)?

I picked The Tower for Fifi in regard to the health part of her spread. This suggests a sudden and dramatic change of health (either her own or someone close to her), which could throw things out of kilter for a while. Whilst this may be distressing at the time, it is possible that good can come from even the least promising situation. In view of what we know about Fifi, I think she may find, in time, the repercussions of her sister’s death and her own poor health could enable her to help others in a direct way.

The last card represents Fifi’s opportunities for travel and any major journeys she may take and what an interesting card it is; the Six of Pentacles. This card carries with it notions of philanthropy – is Fifi on an expenses paid trip somewhere? It’s not impossible, but there is a more likely possibility. Fifi may find herself following her dad’s legacy and traveling in relation to a charitable venture. We know charity begins at home and in this case, whilst Fifi is likely to help her chosen cause greatly, she will benefit too by improving her self-worth and building her confidence.

Fifi Geldof’s character shines through this reading. She is far more than the child of famous parents; she has an inner strength and talents she has not realised. Fifi is a cornucopia of potential, and events in the next twelve months could lead her to realise her strengths. Like her father, she is also a compassionate person who is drawn to philanthropic pursuits and this could see her traveling to new places both physically and psychologically.

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