Energy Vampires are Real. Here’s How to Deal with Them

Do you know someone in whose presence you feel drowsy, drained, or even depleted? An hour or even just a few minutes with them and you feel exhausted down to your very last cell? Sometimes even days after seeing them, or even if you are now an ocean apart, you are still tired, and you find yourself thinking about them even when you don’t want to or mean to. There is a strange pull and you can’t put a name on it.

These people are energy vampires – they have tentacles in their auric fields that go out, land on other people’s energy fields, attach, and pull energy out. It happens so fast, so subtly, and so “professionally” that most of us notice it only after the fact, or we notice it but we don’t know how to protect ourselves or get out of it.

There are many types of energy vampires – they are not one size fits all. There are energy vampires in relationships, in our families, among our friends. There are energy vampires at work, regardless of where you work and what your work conditions are. We have neighbors who are such people. Even a random person sitting next to you on the metro could be one, and affect you and the way your whole day unfolds.

In everyday life, in the office, or even among close friends and family, dealing with energy vampires might take some psychological and/or psychic know-how. Blaming them might not work because most energy vampires aren’t aware of what they are doing. It’s an unconscious attempt to get their needs met, to be loved, to get help or attention. It’s a very ineffective way but it is a way.

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Energy vampires test

Here is a short and to-the-point energy vampires’ symptoms test to find out whether you’re dealing with an energy vampire.

  1. You feel inexplicably exhausted while or after seeing the person. Yes/No
  2. You look more tired than usual and people notice it. Yes/No
  3. You find yourself thinking about the person, sometimes even obsessing about them, and you can’t tell why or stop it. Yes/No
  4. You have dreams about them; they move you in a subconscious level. Or, sometimes you feel their presence around you even when they are physically not present. Yes/No
  5. You lose your sense of purpose or meaning around them, or because of them. Yes/No

If you answered yes to three or more of the above, well, bad news. You ARE dealing with an energy vampire.

Energy vampires and empaths

Truth is, energy vampires don’t go to other vampires to suck energy. They go to those who are their opposite – psychic empaths. Psychic empaths are people who care about others more than needed, they are tuned in to their environments and people, and sometimes they feel things about others even when they don’t want to. They want to help. They care. They have big hearts full of love. And they have a sweet energy and a gentle aura that might not have strong protection – just what the energy vampire is looking for.

In the energy world, opposites do attract. Two vampires might become good friends. Two psychic empaths might become good friends. But when a vampire meets an empath, the click goes deeper than just a friendship. Something shifts in their energy fields; they get connected to one another through energy cords that are stronger, more resilient, and at the same time not healthy.

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Stopping the vampire

All this being said, what do you do when you meet a vampire? Or when you’ve already been suffering from a relationship with one for a long time?

Energy vampires have a few subconscious goals. If you stop helping them meet such goals, you’ll be off the hook. Some vampires are just extremely needy people. Their primary caretakers failed miserably in taking care of their needs when they were a baby – thus the vampire learned to throw energy cords out to other people, to get attention, so the baby-self could survive. Once learned, the auric field continues this practice, unless consciously addressed.

Care less about their needs – it’s not your job to make sure they will survive or thrive. Realize they are a full-grown adult and that they don’t need you, neither physically nor emotionally, and nor in the energy level. You don’t have to be their caretaker – especially because it’s hurting you. It’s not your job to make sure they heal. They might genuinely need help, but you need to realize you have the right to say no, and to not help.

Tell them “you are enough, you have what it takes to help yourself.” Empower them without giving any of your power away. You aren’t their mother – and even if you are, once they are an adult, your job is done – let them fly away and learn the ways of the world.

The relationship with an energy vampire is a two-way street. You have a subconscious reason to stay in this unhealthy relationship, too. Yes, you do. Think about it, what do you need from them? Why are you keeping your end of the energy attachment? Do you subconsciously believe that you need to sacrifice yourself in order to be approved or loved? Do you believe that unless you help, you are not worthy?

Just as the energy vampire has subconscious reasons to do what they do, you do too. You want something from them whether it’s approval, love, attention, or a confirmation of your worth. Until you realize you are the ONLY one who can give these to yourself, you’ll continue to come across vampires and they will attach their energy cords to you. Don’t just think these; feel them. Feel your own worth – it doesn’t depend on what anyone else thinks. Give yourself approval and love – feel it.

A simple energy exercise to block the vampire

Feeling it happening as we speak? Or you know a vampire and it’s someone you can’t kick out of your life because they are your boss or a good friend? To deal with it as it’s happening, here’s a super simple exercise.

When you’re in the presence of this vampire, imagine yourself in a solid red box. Your whole body and soul is in this impenetrable box and the box has no doors or windows. Not even a tiny hole anywhere. You are sealed and safe in it. Yet you also know you can remove the box any time you want, so it’s not a prison. It’s your temporary new home that’s there for a reason – to keep unwanted energies out and to keep your auric field intact.

You can imagine the walls of this box to be from Teflon – like in the inside of the drying pan you use. Teflon keeps bad energies out and it works even with the worst of vampires.

If red doesn’t work for you, or if the Teflon thing is too much to imagine, try imagining yourself inside a gold yellow egg-shaped structure – kind of like the shape of your aura but reinforced with the yellow shade. This color works better for some people actually. Yellow is the color of the third chakra; so, it’s perfect for creating strong energy boundaries.

It isn’t easy dealing with energy vampires but with these techniques and tips, you will be well armed and ready to deal with the vampire.

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