Divination derives from the Latin word “ divinaire” which means to foresee and be inspired by a god like figure. In occult and fortune telling, divination is the process by which one seeks to gain clarity and understand to their questions though various methods. Some of these methods include crystal ball readings, tarot cards and angel cards to name a few. Foretelling one’s future is a great way to tap into the spirits and also your higher spiritual self. Many of the methods are believed to be both fun and engaging and many find their their most burning questions about love and life can be answered through using the various forms of divination.

Tarot Cards

The tarot, which was first known as trionfi and then later known as tarocchi were used since the 15th century in different parts of Europe and were used for playing card games. Later in the 18th century mystics, mediums and occultists starting using tarot cards readings as a way of divination to assist them in their fortune telling. There are many different types of tarot card readings one can choose from and they can either be done online or in person.  We here at Free Astrology 123 are excited to offer you our virtual tarot including : 1 card tarot , 3 card tarot and horseshoe full tarot card features.

 Crystal Ball Reading

Crystal ball readings are another useful form of divination and fortune telling and have been around for centuries. During the middle ages in Central Europe, crystal balls have been used by fortune tellers, psychics and clairvoyants. Many people including royalty, would seek out a medium who would consult the crystal ball for answers on all sorts of questions. It was believed and still is the that the crystal ball emanates powerful energy.  Crystal ball can be used either in person or online.  We have created a wonderful Crystal Ball / Oracle feature here on our site for you to enjoy. The questions can be asked in a yes or no format and you can ask questions about any area of your life .

 Angel Cards

Angel cards sometimes known as oracle cards have been around for a very long time.  In modern times, we see all sorts of  oracles and divination tools that are available for people to consult the spirit guides and find out answers to questions in their lives. The Angel cards are made up of cards with images and some have symbolic images of angels or light workers representing them. Some believe that the cards and their messages work directly with the angels and those who have crossed over, however religious or not, they are also representative of a higher being and are about also connecting with our own higher self. Angel Cards usually carry uplifting messages of love , light and positively and should be consulted when you need guidance and perhaps a new outlook on a circumstance in your life.

These are just some of our useful forms of divination and fortune telling and are available for you to consult any time you should feel the need.  We hope you enjoy.

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