Difference Between Angel and Tarot Cards

Difference Between Angel and Tarot Cards

As you wander around your favorite New Age shop or even just settle down to scan your preferred web emporium’s spiritual section, you can’t help but notice a cornucopia of oracle and tarot cards. Having choices is great, but with so much of it you could find yourself scratching your head, shrugging and wandering whether to do something less confusing such as particle physics!

Don’t despair, move away from that hadron collider because here’s a guide to help you decide which cards will suit your style.

Detective work made easy

You don’t need to be a magus to recognize tarot cards, that collection of 78 decorated pieces of cardboard which have long become a part of popular culture. Though they’re a lot deeper and a lot more complex than what movies or newspaper articles make them to be, at least they’re known and recognizable and for that we, the psychics of the world, are grateful.

But what about Angel Cards, fairy cards, earth magic cards, unicorn cards, and all the other variations available? Generally speaking, cards used for psychic development that are not tarot cards are known as oracle cards. This may seem a bit silly as tarot cards are a form of oracle too, but hey, I don’t make the rules.

There are so many oracle cards it would be difficult to describe the pros and cons of each type, so we are going to look at one of the best known and most widely used ones: angel cards. Just like tarot cards there are a number of different designs but they all work along similar principles.

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Angel Cards vs Tarot  

The first thing you’ll notice when you compare Tarot and Angel Cards is the obvious thing that angel cards are based around angels – unlike in the Tarot, there are no scary looking devils, toppling towers or grim reapers in the angel oracle. Some people find some of the more gruesome tarot images just exaggeratedly negative or off putting, and if you’re one of these people, angel cards could suit you very well.

Many people turn to cards when they want to understand a situation better or seek wisdom. Angel Cards can give you this wisdom without going into the negative. Tarot cards readings delve into the negative only because sometimes such negativity is also part of life and Tarot is amazing at divining the future whether it’s positive or negative or neutral.

Angel Cards are about the overarching lessons found even in the most negative situation – they rise above the particulars or the dailiness of such situations and bring you the key life lesson. It’s not about what bad thing is going to happen to you – though that information can be very useful. Rather, it’s about realizing how big your soul is even when faced with adversity.

The next thing you’ll realize is that there aren’t as many cards in an angel oracle pack (although the actual numbers vary), this can be an advantage as you won’t have so many meanings to learn – a relief if you are new to cartomancy. Often angel cards have a word printed on them to help you divine their meaning too.

On the other hand, skilled tarot card readers may find this prescriptive and feel it limits their intuition. Equally, tarot card readers tend to rely on their own psychic abilities, whereas angel cards are claimed to link to the angels themselves for information.

Using Angel Cards: First Step

So, what if you want to try using angel cards for yourself? Firstly, treat them much as you would tarot cards; pick a pack which naturally appeals to you, that you feel drawn to. Bless them in whatever way suits you such as meditating for a few minutes while holding them in your hands, leaving them in the moonlight, imagining them surrounded by golden light, saying a few words of positive intention.

You can also settle your energy into the cards by keeping them by you; one of the easiest ways is to sleep with them under your pillow, putting them close to you during the day – if you have a full-time job, simply keep the cards in your purse. Cards must be kept in a pouch, preferably silk to keep their energy natural and flowing. Now that you’ve done all this, you are ready to rock.

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Angel Card Readings

The methodology used in angel card reading is much the same as that used in tarot reading. Shuffle the pack and ask for guidance around an issue or ask a simple question. What you do now depends on your preference: you may decide to use a spread, probably based around a simple tarot spread or just continue to pick cards until you feel you have enough.

Next, consider the cards, since the cards can have several meanings, you’ll need to ask your angels for guidance as to which applies. As with tarot readings if a card should fall or ‘jump’ from the pack you should take particular note of its meaning. If you get stuck there will probably be a leaflet with your cards which should give you some ideas as to the card’s possible meaning. Just as with tarot reading it is best to avoid asking the same question time after time.

The more time you spend practicing with your cards the better you’ll become at reading them, there is nothing wrong with making a simple reading every day. In fact, many angel card readers recommend picking a card for the day; this is often done by placing the cards in a basket a simply picking one.

If you want to hone your skills it is worth keeping a note of your readings: how you felt about them and any insight you had regarding a card, especially if your interpretation was somewhat different to the one usually ascribed to it. Always remember these are your cards and you will be most successful when you read them your way. Don’t worry, with the angels on your side you simply can’t go wrong.

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