David Beckham Tarot Reading

When it comes to attracting everyone’s attention, retired soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria are sure to score a goal. In the US, David played for Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy, although he has now retired from playing. Since he has stopped scoring with Galaxy will 38-year-old Becks be trashing his trainers and shuffling on his slippers to toast his toes by the fire? The Tarot doesn’t seem to think so.

The first card I picked represents David himself, in this case The Magician. This suggests that Becks is a natural communicator who is very efficient at making things happen, be this in relation to his career or other interests. David is super savvy and I get the impression that he is excellent at making the most of what and who he knows; although he does so without being domineering or unpleasantly manipulative. He is a natural risk taker who does not bulk at trying something new and this can lead to some very rewarding results. I get the strong feeling he will be exploring new territory soon and this could lead him into an unexpected direction. The Magician is often connected with discovery and this leads us on to the next card.

The Eight of Rods appears in the part of David’s chart regarding relationships, this tells me that an important message, possibly in writing or print, will see David re-evaluating a relationship. Becks will realise nothing is quite as he imagined and will need to take some time to contemplate what he needs to do next. Once he has decided to make his move, things will happen quite quickly and he will need to keep up with them.

If one or more of his relationships seem up-in-the-air, his capacity to care for others remains undiminished, well, according to the Six of Pentacles. The next twelve months will see Becks pursue his philanthropic interests and possibly expand them even more. As I picked this card I felt that the plight of a youngster or youngsters will touch his heart deeply and this could see him digging even deeper into his wallet than usual.

The Two of Swords once again throws up the spectre of a serious relationship breach, this time in the context of a career related concern. David’s interactions with others seem so complex that untangling them is difficult. I don’t feel that the person mentioned here is the same person who appeared in connection with the Eight of Rods, although they may be associated in some way. The Two of Swords implies that Becks will exchange some sharp words with this adversary and he may even turn to litigation. Sadly, I get the feeling that the animosity between David and this person is new and that previously David may have been their mentor or helped them in some other way.

With all this angst in his reading it is hardly surprising that the card I pulled to inform me about David’s health was less than good. You might think David is fairly fit, but the Five of Pentacles implies he could be facing a rough time during the next twelve months. Becks may find he feels low, drained, sensitive to cold and prone to weight loss; he may also seem prone to minor injuries. All this could be due to emotional trauma, and to a point, he may have little choice but to wait for the situation to improve. Still, he can alleviate things a bit if he ensures he gets his priorities right.

Poor old Becks, life seems to have lost its sparkle, but it’s not all bad. A trip could soon set the world and his heart spinning the right way again. The Knight of Cups in the part of his reading relating to travel suggests a journey may light his romantic flame. And I do mean romantic, of course he may pile on the passion too, but this trip sees David put his heart before his loins. It seems that in the right company David can be a soppy old thing – awwwwww.

David’s cards suggest the next year could be something of an emotional rollercoaster ride. Something will be brought to David’s attention which will have him deep in thought for a while before he leaps into action. Rows are likely and, for a time at least, they will have a profound effect on our soccer star. Yet the sky is not uniformly grey; a trip with someone special will reinforce a romantic bond.

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