Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow Tarot

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin famously ‘uncoupled’ after 11 years together. Yet they have been seen scoffing sushi together in Los Angeles. Furthermore, although they drove away separately, they met up a little later when Chris got out of his car to talk to Gwyneth through her car window. What is going on and should their new beaus; Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Falchuck be worried?

For this reading I used a seven card spread, the first three cards represent Gwyneth, the next three Chris, and the seventh the likely outcome of their relationship. This reading combines numerology and the tarot, thus the seventh card is the Major Arcana card with the same number as the sum of the other six cards in the spread.

The first card, the Three of Cups, represents Gwyneth’s feelings. This card suggests that Gwyneth is feeling upbeat. She is less likely to place all her energies into one person than before, but she seems to have a good social life and can rely on her friends should she need them. Ahhh, you are thinking; “Is she really that happy or is all this vivacity just a way to mask a broken heart?” That’s a good point, but the next card, the Ace of Pentacles (more about that later), seems to suggest that she truly is in a positive frame of mind.

As I said earlier, the next card is the Ace of Pentacles; this appears in the part of her spread which considers her hopes for the future. Gwyneth is interested in new projects, particularly something a bit different which could develop during the spring. She seems to be hopeful and is looking forward to the future. There is no hint here that she is looking longingly over her shoulder to her past at all, she has definitely moved on.

When a relationship ends, we all tend to have regrets and it is in this part of the spread we find the Two of Cups. The Two of Cups is a relationship card par excellence, and it tends to represent the heady earlier stages of a romance when the couple are totally wrapped up in each other. Gwyneth is sorry her relationship with Chris is no longer viable and she holds a place for him in her heart. She may feel that they were almost too close to each other and this eventually smothered their romance.

The next three cards relate to Chris. The first one shows his emotions and this is the Page of Cups. Chris is a romantic at heart, almost too much so (remember, any Page amplifies the vibe of that suit). Chris is certainly emotionally involved with someone and may frequently bend his friends’ ears about his amour’s adorable qualities. The subject of his interest will regularly find herself confronted with romantic gestures and grandiose gifts – lucky lass.

The second card in Chris’ part of the reading is the Three of Swords, this denotes his hopes. As you know, swords can be the grumpy members of the tarot pack, you can be sure then that the last thing Chris wants is a row or any form of conflict at all. Chris desperately wants a quiet life. However, there is a real risk that Chris is going to make a vice out of a virtue here. He seems to be too willing to bend over backwards to please others at the moment and sooner or later he is going to end up with a metaphorical slipped disc. The next card might help us understand why he is acting in this way as it symbolises his regrets.

The Seven of Rods appears in the part of Chris’ spread representing regrets, and it explains a lot about his current conduct. He is beginning to question some of his previous patterns of behaviour. In the past he has been determined to get his way, but now he regrets his stubbornness. He needs to be a little cautious though, as he could be swinging too far the other way and collapsing like a soufflé at the first cold draught of another’s disapproval.

The last card was Judgement. This shows the likely outcome to Chris and Gwyneth’s relationship. The way they have ‘uncoupled’ will set the tone for their future relationships. That they have kept things amicable, despite some strong emotions, suggests that they will stay close friends. Just as important, it has given them insights which they will carry forward successfully into other relationships.

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