Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Your Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Love Chart

The Chinese believe that certain signs of the Chinese Zodiac are more compatible than others when it comes to love and relationships. Below is our chinese zodiac compatibility chart so you can find out what are your perfect match/matches. Simply begin by looking for your Chinese Zodiac located on the left hand column of the chart and then to the right of that, you will see whether another sign is a good match for you or not. If you don’t know your zodiac sign yet,  go to our  Chinese Zodiac Signs page first.

Sign Best Match Match Not So Good Match
Pig Dog, Rabbit, Goat Pig, Rooster, Horse, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dragon Snake
Goat Pig, Horse, Rabbit Rooster, Rat, Monkey, Goat, Dragon, Tiger, Snake Ox
Horse Dog, Tiger, Goat Dragon, Horse, Rabbit, Pig, Rooster, Monkey, Snake Ox, Rat
Tiger Dragon, Dog, Horse Rat, Ox, Snake, Pig, Rooster, Dragon, Ox, Tiger, Goat Monkey
Rat Ox, Dragon, Monkey Pig, Dog, Tiger, Rat, Snake Rooster, Rabbit , Horse
Dog Horse, Tiger, Rabbit, Pig, Goat Snake, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Rabbit, Goat, Rat Dragon, Ox
Rooster Snake, Dragon, Ox Horse, Dog, Pig, Goat, Tiger, Pig Rat, Rabbit
Monkey Rat, Goat, Rabbit. Dragon Rooster, Ox, Dog, Pig, Monkey, Snake, Horse, Goat Tiger
Snake Rooster, Ox, Dragon Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Goat, Dog, Tiger, Rat, Monkey Pig
Ox Rooster, Rat, Snake Pig, Rabbit, Dragon,  Tiger, Ox, Monkey Goat, Dog, Horse
Rabbit Dog, Goat, Pig Snake, Rabbit, Monkey, Dragon, Ox, Horse Rooster, Rat
Dragon Monkey, Rat, Snake, Rooster Dragon, Rooster, Tiger,  Pig , Ox, Rabbit, Goat,  Horse Dog

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